Hey everybody how’s it going my name is Usman and today I’m starting a new series where I will be reviewing all the weapons of Black Ops 3 multiplayer, will give you guys all the ups and downs, stats, recommended attachements, everything you need to know in less than 100 seconds and today we’re gonna be taking a look at the Kuda, it’s the first smg that you can play with right of the bat at rank 1 and it’s one the best smg in the game and definitely one of my favorite gun. It kills with 3 – 6 shots, usually with 4 shots depending on how close you are to your enemy, it’s 4 shot range is 25 meters and 3 shots range is only 5 meters.

It shoots at 720 rounds per minute and with rapid fire at 765 rounds per minute but I highly recommend not to use rapid fire, it’s not really gonna help you becuase it will highly impact on the recoil, and normally it has a vertical kick up kinda of recoil which you easily manage without using a grip, and I also recommend not to use the grip if you wanna get headshots with this weapon, basically aim the bodies of your enemies and with the vertical kick up recoil you will get easy headshots. It’s magazine size is average of 30 rounds and you can bump that up to 42 rounds with extended mags, now with Kuda I recommend you don’t use any optic because you get clean ironsights, don’t use rapid fire becuase it will effect your weapon recoil, and suppresor becuase it will lower the damage, but it you want to, that’s alright.

It’s all personal preference. now for recommended attachments, use quick draw, so you can aim faster, fast mags so you can reload faster, long barrel so your gun can take less shots to kill your enemies, and depending on your playstyle & taste add grip, laster or stock. So hopefully you have enjoyed this quick Black Ops 3 weapon guide, if you did be sure to like, share and subscribe and check out some more videos on my channel, so yeah guys that is really about it..

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