Hey everybody how’s it going my name is usman and today I’m bringing you guys a full guide with some best and fastest ways to rank up in black ops 3 zombies, this whole guide will contain best ways to rank up by playing the giant zombies as well by playing shadows of evil zombies, so make sure you watch the whole video, pause & replay if you need to, so to start this off I wanna clear up some misconceptions, so the points you earn in the game that you’ll use to buy guns, perks, etc..

Does not go towards ranking up, it’s a whole different system, you can see your ranking progress by pausing the game and you can see how many xp you need, so points are in game to buy things andxp is for ranking up. So each zombie kill, will give you 50 xp, each headshot will give you 75 xp and each knife kill however will give you 100 xp, so you always wanna get more knife kills, get kinfe kills till round 3 at least, but for the long term play getting high amount of headshots will be a lot more beneficial cause getting knife kills won’t be easy on high rounds, but if you get instakill drop totally go for kinfe kills, but like I said getting headshot will crucial, so to get more headshots make sure you hip fire above zombies chest and go for headshots, getting a laser attachement on your weapon will help you out tremondously, but you need to level up your weapons first and leveling up your weapons will give you bonus xp, so I only recommend using the vesper cause it’s a god weapon for getting headshots, it has a lot of damage and you can increase this even more by pack a punching multiple times untill you get fireworks attachment, but kuda, vmp & even krn 44 are great weapons, also level up those weapons, put some attachments on especially the laser sight, pair that with double tap perk and you will get shit load of headshots if you have the giant map buy the bowie knife as early as possible and it is 1 hit kill till round 10 and it’s very easy that way to earn xp, also each door open will give you 250 xp, and every round survived will add 50 additional xp and it will stabilize xp earned after round 20 for example, 1st round survived will give you 50 xp, 2nd round 100, then 150 and after round 20 you will only going to get 1000 xp every round after that, so getting on high rounds will surely help, there are a lot of challenges you can complete, leveling up weapons its one of them, getting kills with traps, getting kills with firewoks pap weapon, thunder wall pap weapon, doors opend, perks drank, every little and big milestone completed for challenges like this will give you bonus xp, and lastly this is currently the best way to rank up and it is for the people who don’t have the giant map and for the people who does have the giant map, so start a solo game of shadows of evil, and you wanna skip rounds, basically shoot the shadows man till you are on round 15 so by skipping rounds you will get shit loads of xp after round 5, 10 and then 15, after that all you gotta do is open max amount of doors, you don’t wanna kill any zombies with a weapon while you are doing this, throw deez nuts in the process but don’t waste time killing them, your main goal is to open max amount of doors & you can once you feel like you’re going to get stuck do not hesitate to end the game and start it back or go in beast mode if you can, so this is everything you need to know in order to rank up fast in black ops 3 zombies, but there’s one more and this is going to be for the people who wanna get double xp codes for zombies, so doritos & mountain dews are coming with double xp codes and indeed once you activate those every xp earned after wards will be doubled, so definitely let me know your rank as of right know as well if you some personal tips feel free to put in the comments section down below.

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