In this video we’ll be going over the detailed step-by-step guide on how to do the easter egg. So let’s get right into the steps. So the first step that you need to do is to build the pack-a-punch machine. This is very important as you’ll be fighting a final boss later on and you need to have PAP weapons or else it’ll be a really hard task or you to do.

So I assume you already know how PAP works. You need to teleport the teleportation pieces. 1) Which is in the pyramid room. 2) The other being in the control room where you turn on the power. Once you’ve done that, go on to step 2 which is to activate the pyramid. In order to activate the pyramid, you need to be standing on and activate four tiles in that room around the pyramid. Stand on one of them until it turns blue and once it stays blue after you get off, that’s when you know you’ve activated it. Do that for the remaining three and you’ll experience weightlessness and that’s when you know you’ve done it correctly. Now, move on to step 3 which is to build the Bow. You need to build the bow by feeding three of the Dragon heads that are located across the map. One being on the right side of the spawn. Open two doors on the right side and you’ll see the first dragon head in the courtyard. Two of them being available once you’ve turned on the power. They are near the second courtyard.

You need to go into the radio room. And also in the pyramid room. Now move on to step 4 which is to upgrade this bow to the Electric/Wolf/Fire/Void forms. So the bow can be upgraded in four different ways. Each upgrade requires a different number of steps. So, you need to note that players only need to upgrade enough bows to have one each. So if you’re playing solo then you only need to have one upgraded bow. So, the recommended choice being the electricity and lightning bows.

You’ll still be able to do the keeper which is step 13 of this guide. Step 5 would be to build the Gravity Spikes. I assume that you know where to find the pieces. While doing that you can also find the pieces to the Zombie Shield. So once you’ve got the gravity spikes, move on to Step 6. Use the Gravity Spikes on the Clock Tower (On the right of the screen) Plant the gravity spikes on the floor behind the clock. So now you can go downstairs and take note of the lever next to the Green Computer Screen. This will allow you stop and start the clock. Use the lever and good timing to stop the clock when it is 9:35.

(Note: This step might be unnecessary as noted by some players.) An audio clue would now sound and lightning will strike the tower. Go back to the Pyramid room and you’ll notice an extra ball on top. (May be unnecessary as noted by some players.) Now Step 7 will be to shoot the wisps that are scattered around the map. So head over to the Teleporter and shoot the prongs on the Teleporter at the top with the UN-UPGRADEBOW until they all turn Gold. Now, new sparking objects will appear around the map once you do this step. So you need to locate these items and shoot them with the bow. It doesn’t matter if you shoot them with the upgraded bow or the un-upgraded bow. But you need to make sure that while you’re turning on the prongs, you need to have an Un-upgraded bow. You can just do this by replacing an upgraded bow with where you put it initially to get the the upgraded bow.

(Go pick up the un-upgraded bow again) So now you need to find four of the wisp locations in quick succession to do the next step correctly. The details will be in the description. Also, i’ll link you to another video to see all the wisp locations. [NOTE: DO NOT LET THE ROUND END Which you’re seeing right now that I’m doing it currently in the clips as well. That was one of the eight locations that it may be in but you need to only do four in quick succession. So the next step is to go back in time and now you need to return to the teleporter. It should be glowing purple if you did the previous step correctly. Step inside with ALL teammates if not playing solo and teleport back in time. The screen will turn black/white and Dr. Groff will be putting something inside the safe whilst talking to Richtofen over the radio.

So now, you need to pick up both the soul-canister and blue fuse in this room and MAKE SURE to note down the code he enters on the Safe. It’s a vertical piece of code. You can take a picture of it or something of the sort. The next step would be to use the Death Ray and Computer Terminal. Go to the Death Ray and Place the Blue Fuse into the machine and change it to PROTECT Mode by interacting with the switch on the sides. This will activate the computer terminal by the rocket and the terminal outside the clock tower.

Now you need to go to the terminal outside the clock-tower and go to the second level. Enter Groff’s code into the computer. So note that this Code changes every round so don’t kill the last zombie. Now, you can move on to Step 10 which is to open the Safe. Now that the correct code has been entered into the computer terminal, the safe near the teleporter will be open. Head over there and collect the two cylinders which looks like a tesla coil and the key card which looks like a floppy disk. Insert the two Tesla-coils into the Tesla Machines either side of the Death Machine. Then, set the Death Ray to DESTROY Mode and activate it.

The machine should now become supercharged and now you can insert the key card or floppy disk into the Computer Terminal. Now Step 11 would be to play Simon Says. You need to use the Computer Terminal outside the Clock-Tower AND the Rocket Launch Site to play a game of Simon Says. Memorize the positions of the four lower symbols. They will disappear and a symbol will appear on top of the screen one after another. Each time a symbol appears, pick the matching locations on the four lower screens.

Don’t make a mistake or you’ll have to start all over. You need to be playing Simon Says, once at the Clock-Tower and again at the Rocket Launch Site. Once you’ve done that, move on to Step 12. You’ll see Dempsy crash landing in this step. Go back to the Death Ray and Activate it again, using the GREEN button on the back. The Lazer will shoot down the rocket and Dempsy’s pod will come crashing down through the Clock-Tower. It’ll land right outside the Control Center. So now you can move on to Step 13 of this guide. This step involves using the golden rod device and charge the keeper. Repeat the wisps again.

(4 of them in quick succession as you did before). Then go back in time once again using the Teleporter. This time, pick up the Keeper Tablet from the 935 box in the corner Once you’ve done that, take the Golden Rod from the crash wreckage and take it to the Knight’s Tomb. Insert the Golden Rod Device into the slot just under the Tomb. Then a Ghostly Figure will appear. Now, you can go into the three ritual circles. Stand inside and kill zombies in close vicinity to charge them. You MUST use the right bow type for each of the Circles. This is why you need different bow types. So as you stand in the circle, the screen tint/colour will guide you as to which bow type to use in that location.

When you’re at the car site near Double-Tap, make sure you place the tablet aswell. Now you are at Step 14 which is the Boss Fight. The hardest part of the Easter Egg is to fight the boss. You can do it Solo as-well but make sure you have really strong guns. So to reach the boss location, go back to the Pyramid and place the Soul Canister in each of the corners. You’ll notice that the Top half of the Pyramid will disappear and the Keeper’s spirit is standing in the middle. ALL players must place their Gravity Spikes, one on each of the pressure plates. If Solo, just place down one.

These the plates that you originally stood on to activate the Pyramid. Once you do that, you’ll be attacked. You’ll be teleported into a dark room and with 5 pillars around the edge and skeleton zombies attacking you. There’ll also be a massive keeper in the room and you’ll need to avoid his electric attacks. I won’t be going over the details on how to kill the boss but that’s for another video.

Step 15 will be to insert the Summoning Key into the terminal. Following the intense fight, you’ll be teleported back in the Pyramind room. Now you can pick up this summoning key and from the side of the Pyramid, you can go over to the Terminal by the Clock-Tower and insert the key. So this is the epic ending where you’ll see rockets fire towards the Moon. This is the Easter Egg complete..

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