Hey everybody what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m bringing you guys the best solo strategy guide for der eisendrache full setup of guns, equipements & perks as well best training & camping spots for The Iron Dragon zombies, in this video. It’s gonna be fast as hell, if you’re not really into this map that much, make sure you do pause or reply when needed, also it’s the best strategy with the full setup, not a walkthrough, if you wanna know how to build & get the stuff that I’m gonna show in this video, I will link down a whole live walkthrough in the descrition as well some other tutorials that are benficial.

So right of the bat you wanna make sure you maximize your points, so go prone near quick revive and get hundo, activate the landing pad, then start shooting zombies legs 8 times and then knife all the zombies except one, rebuild the barriers, and you will have above 1650 points, if not well kill the last zombie, if you do have 1650 points open the first door, go prone near double tap, get anotha hundo, open the next door and kill the last zombie of round 1 near the dragon in order to awake him, now on round 2 you wanna start the process of feeding this first dragon so you can get the bow asap and you can then start the process of upgrading your bow, I recommend getting the electric bow, its super op once you get it ain’t nobody gonna mess with you boi, so kill all the zombies one by one on round 2 and by the end he’ll be completely fed, on round 3 get the vmp, activate another landing pad, also get the shield parts while you are feeding the dragons, ’cause at every dragon location you’ll find a shield part.

So now make sure you maximize your point by getting headshots or by knifing zombies, get 2750 points once you get it, open the door near the vmp, open anotha one, turn on the power, go outside teleport the pack a punch parts, go straight up, activate the landing pad, get anotha shield part & go in the factilty, feed anotha dragon, and then anotha one down the pyramid room, get anotha shield part, and then you will be able to make the shield.

Now you wanna build your shield close to where you’re gonna train, so the best spot is to make the shield is in the faciitly and here in the pyramid room, next up grab your bow, get jugg and then quick revive, and shield and then begin your bow upgrade now like I said earlier if you wann know how to build & do these kind of stuff I will have a full dedicated walkthrough in descrition, so once you are in the process of upgrading your bow, you also wanna open the pack a punch, also wanna get the parts for ragnarok dg-4 aka the gravity spikes, now after you get all these things done your setup should be something like this you should have quick revive, jugg, double tap & widow’s vine which is a must have perk cause if you pair that with jugg and zombies shield, aint nobody gonna mess with you boi and of course get the zombie shield, gravity spikes, & the panzer helmet, again I will have a video tutorial about this in description, & for your guns setup get something you like between kn-44, haymaker or the ray gun, of course pack a punch them get blast furnace on if your going for kn44 or haymaker and for your second weapon you should have the electric bow and that is about it for your setup, now in order to survive and get to high rounds, I have couple of training spots, and two camping spots, so teh first camping spot is near quick revive all you gotta do here is not open the door to left and wanna shoot your electric bow once you see them zombies, the next one is here near the facilty again, you don’t wanna open any door here and just simply wanna circle around here and shoot your eectric bow once you some zombies.

Now as for training strategy & for best training spots the first is here in the pyramid room, you have so much space down here, plus the anti gravity makes it super easy once you get used to it definitely the best trainig spot and my favoirte as well all you gotta try to do here is to not get drifted and go behind where the pack a puunch location is, the next training spot is here in the facility, now this one can be a little hard if you train here in circles, so what you wanna do here is, you wanna wait for zombies to spawn in before you do a circle, so make sure you train just liek I’m training here, going around these pilars is what makes this spot easy to train, the next one is just outside and I have to say this one is the second best or just the best one if somehow you cant train at the pyramid room, now the stratgy here is to also never do full circles, you wanna just train here like I’m training you go around where the wundersphere is as well you can also fly if you are about to go down or don’t have ammo to take down the panzer, the last one is here at the death ray trap, you can just do a giant circle around here and anytime you feel like killing zombies instantly you can activate the death ray trap for 1 grand, this spot is effective if you are on high rounds where zombies doesnt die as fast as you want to die, the trap is the key here as well you need somewhat training skills, so this is really about it, let me know your training spot and strategy in the comments, but if you did found this video helpfull, be sure to like, share and subscribe and yeah guys that is really about it.

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