Hey RAD Company today I have my upgraded bow of fire tutorial! The first step is to acquire the wrath of the ancients which is by feeding the three dragons around the map 8 zombies. They will eat 7, but it takes an extra to wake them up. Once they are all full head to the goldenrod or knight room to pick up your bow. Next head to the clock tower and shoot the marked wall with your bow. Pick up the broken fire arrow to begin your quest. Travel down to the rocket site and wait for a test launch. As soon as the doors open run outside and shoot the very tip of the stone.

This part can be tricky, but aim right where I show you in the video and you will see the explosion go off. Now you must shoot 3 rings located around the map while you are flying through the air.. They will light up when you are traveling in the air. When you shoot them they will stay lit and you will hear the sound of a dying hell hound. Try to follow where I aim on screen because this bow gives people the most difficulty. Practice makes perfect and I found that not charging my bow seemed to be extremely effective sometimes.

The hardest one is by far the ring located to the right of spawn. When trying for this ring face down in the wundersphere and you will get a clear line on sight. After all three rings are lit up you need to kill zombies until the rings flash on your screen as shown. This will tell you they are full and no more orange orbs will fly into the rings. You must be standing in the ring and kill a zombie for it to count. Fill up all three and then return to the clock tower. Inside the clock tower interact with the revealed portion of the wall and it will show you one of three symbols. Each symbol correlates with a fireplace. Three are three fireplace locations one in the comm room, one in richtofen’s old room, and one by the wunderfizz machine near the supply room. One of the three rings will stay glowing once you interact with the clock.

Match your symbol to the fire place and go to the lit up ring. As a note the fireplaces are always the same symbols. They do not rotate. For example the symbol I got in this tutorial will always be the comm room. The next zombie you kill while in this ring will cause a rock to appear. You must stand in this rock and make shots to move it. You only have 3 so you need to be smart about where you place your arrows. The rock will spawn where your arrows land. Again your goal is to land the arrow in the right fireplace. Once you get it in the fireplace you should see a max ammo spawn. Make sure to interact with the fire place and take your fire arrow after some animations. Next you need to return to the death ray and interact with the ball of fire to have it explode. Take the fixed arrow down to the undercroft for the final step. Place the arrow in the correct chair and kill zombies by the ancient MPD until the bow is charged.

Simply interact with once it is full to get the bow of fire. Thank you so much for watching and I want to reiterate that these are made to be quick tutorials with all the needed information. I am not here to talk for 10 minutes to spoon feed you the information. The map has been out for a while and people want a quick to the point tutorial. That is what these are. I appreciate all the support and will see you in the next video!.

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