Hey RAD Company today I have my upgraded bow of storms tutorial. The first step is to obtain the wrath of the ancients by feeding the three dragon heads on the map 8 zombies. They will eat 7, but it takes an extra zombie to wake them up. Once all three are fed the wrath of the ancients will appear in the goldenrod room. Pick it up and head toward the death ray. Next shoot the dragon weathervane to knock the bow of storms arrow down. It is broken and this quest is to repair it. Next we will shoot three fire beacons located outside the map. There are two locations for the first two beacons shown on screen. You can shoot from Mule kick or right neat the landing pad by the clock. For the next beacon you can shoot it from the stairs leading to the death ray or next to the KRM wall buy. The final location is only viewable from the rocket pad. The arrows do arc so make sure to aim above the fire beacons. It takes practice and I couldn’t optimize the shots.

Now return to the undercroft and wait for zero gravity mode. You must run on the walls and walk over each of the glowing wind symbols. I recommend taking the route where the player would start by the first wind symbol near the brm wall buy and run all the way around. This path allows players to avoid jumping across a gap while running. Take note zombies will spawn out of the wall in two locations and you do have a double jump. If you mess up you can recover. Once completed head to the three lightning jar locations found around the map and kill 5 zombies by each jar. You will see blue orbs traveling into the jars with each kill.

Once they are full you need to draw your bow next to the jar to electrify your arrow. Now you must make each of the beacon shots with your electrified arrow. When you hit the beacon the lightning jar will stop sparking. You can fill the jars in any order and shoot the beacons in any order. It doesn’t matter, even filling up one jar and shooting its beacon before moving on to the next one is fine. Return to the dragon weathervane and interact with the blue smoke on the ground.

The arrow will fly into the air and become fixed. Pick up the repaired arrow and take it to the undercroft. Place the arrow in the correct chair and kill a number of zombies until the blue orbs stop flying toward the bow. You need to kill the zombies when they are near the ancient MPD. The ground is marked as a square which shows you anywhere you can kill the zombies for it to count. Once the bow full interact with it and you will receive your upgraded bow. It will have an animation go off so be aware you must wait to get it. Also if this is your first upgrade of the game it will put your wrath of the ancients back when you pick this one up. As requested this video is by itself to make your lives easier. I asked if you wanted 4 quick tutorials or one mega one. The preference was 4 little ones and I will upload them as quick as possible so you aren’t bored of them 4 days straight. Thank you so much for watching and all the support. Lots more to come! Bye!.

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