Hey RAD Company today I have my upgraded spirit bow tutorial! The first step is to acquire the wrath of the ancients which is by feeding the three dragons around the map 8 zombies. They will eat 7, but it takes an extra to wake them up. Once they are all full head to the goldenrod or knight room to pick up your bow. Next head to toward Sam’s room from power to find a painting on the wall. There are 4 types of paintings you need to press in a particular order. These paintings can change places, but the order is always the same. The order is what we have termed King, Knight, Chuthulu, and Death. Each painting is located as shown on screen. Near the end of the hallway by Samantha’s room, the staircase to the comm rom closest to power, in the trophy room in the bottom of the clock tower, and in the clock tower room.

These painting actually tell a story I will get into later along with Takeo’s letter to the emperor. Once all 4 are hint in the correct order return to the undercroft to pick up the arrow from the marked spot on the wall shown on screen. Next travel to the rocket pad site and shoot the arrow at the rock under the flag. Simply aim at the flag to knock the wolf skull down.

Pick up the wolf skull and return to the undercroft. Go to the proper chair and return the skull to the wold skeleton missing a head. A ghost wolf will spawn looking for its master’s remains. You now have to follow the wolf to three different locations. You need to kill zombies until the wolf digs up some of the remains. Pick up the remains by interacting with them, then follow the wolf to the next location. Things get difficult in the last position if you aren’t being careful. I recommend having strong enough weapons to kill the quick spawning zombies. Nothing too fancy is required though. Once you pick up the last remains pile you must wait for zero gravity mode in the undercroft. When it turns on wall run and shoot the glowing wolf symbol on the wall. You must be wall running to get it to glow. When you hit the wolfhead with your bow you can now land on a platform to place your arrow in a crypt.

If you fall off you are allowed to jump back up as shown. You are only racing against zero gravity and the zombies killing you. Take the arrow from the skeleton king and return it to the proper chair. Charge the arrow by killing zombies near the ancient MPD. Once full you need to interact with the arrow to reveal the spirit bow. Thank you so much for watching and I really appreciate your patience with me uploading these as requested by so many of you for the release of Der Eisendrache for Xbox 1 and PC. I hope these helped. I will be posting at least two-three theory videos next before going back into der eisendrache easter egg. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video!.

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