Welcome back everyone to another installment of our Black Ops 3 Zombies Weapon Guides. Today we will be covering the HG40 SMG. The HG40 can only be found exclusively from the box on Zetsubou No Shima, or from plants grown with blue water. Like other SMGs that we’ve covered, the HG40 has relatively tight hipfire spread, high mobility and swift reloads. Damage is adequate for an SMG, equal to that of a Kuda. What sets this SMG apart from the rest is its low fire rate and unusually high amount of ammunition. With 32 rounds in a mag and 384 rounds in reserve, the HG40 is guaranteed to last. Alongside its longevity, the HG40 is incredibly accurate thanks to its low fire rate. This makes the HG40 rather ineffective in close quarters combat, where you will more than likely resort to hip fire. Those who prefer to spray and pray are better off with a higher fire rate SMG such as the Vesper or VMP.

The HG40 is better for those who keep their distance and aim for the head. In the right hands, the HG40 is a highly effective weapon at nearly any wave. The only problem at higher waves would be the HG40’s lower damage, but this can be fixed with a visit to the pack-a-punch machine. For 5000 points, the HG40 can be upgraded to the Afterburner 2.0. Like its previous iteration, the Afterburner 2.0’s magazine size is doubled to 64 rounds and reserve ammunition receives a small boost to 448 rounds. However, what really matters is the increase to the Afterburner’s damage. With double the damage and the already impressive accuracy, the Afterburner will easily slaughter horde after horde. Although damage is doubled, fire rate remains the same, which means you will still have to aim for the head in order to secure quick kills. In close quarters, it is unlikely that the Afterburner will be able to save you, unless you apply a repack effect. As per the usual with most bullet weapons, if you have 2500 points to spare after pack-a-punching, you should immediately apply a repack effect.

If luck is on your side, a repack effect will help you push out of any corner or push through any blocked doorways. Combined with the Afterburner’s low fire rate and high ammunition, repack effects will be highly effective. If you keep your distance and only fire at the undead sparingly, you’ll find yourself activating multiple repack effects in only one magazine. The Afterburner 2.0, as well as the standard HG40, are indeed effective weapons when used correctly, but they still do not match up to higher caliber weaponry. Assault Rifles easily outperform the HG40 in terms of damage and LMGs easily outperform in both damage and ammunition.

But, as with all bullet weapons, the HG40’s longevity will wane as you reach higher waves and deplete your ammunition. Since it is a box weapon, there is no way to obtain ammo off of the wall. Unless, however, you have the Secret Shopper gobblegum. While such a gobblegum is rare, it will most certainly prove useful if you plan on using the HG40 well into the higher rounds. For those who want to take a break from worrying about accuracy, Head Drama is also a suitable fit for the HG40. As for those who aren’t so fortunate to have such gobblegums, then it would be wise to take Alchemical Antithesis or Cache Back. While ammunition isn’t as much of a problem with the HG40, it will still eventually become one. Both Alchemical Antithesis and Cache Back will allow you to refill your ammo on the odd occurance you find yourself running low. As for perks, Double Tap 2 is an absolute necessity when using the HG40.

The HG40 is only an SMG with average damage for its class, so any sort of boost to its damage is well worth the price. Plus, the higher fire rate will allow you to use the HG40 a bit more effectively in close quarters, should it ever come to that. While the HG40 is already very accurate, it is still recommended that you also acquire Deadshot Daiquiri. The tighter hipfire spread will help the HG40’s performance in close quarters and headshots will also be much easier to land. As a last resort for close quarters combat, it is recommended that you acquire either Widow’s Wine or Electric Cherry. Either perk will give you a second chance to fight your way out of a corner, whether it be through webbed or stunned zombies.

With these perks, the HG40 can serve as an excellent primary weapon. It has the longevity to last through plenty of rounds, especially when assisted by double tap and various gobblegums, and has the right amount of damage to both kill zombies fast enough and gain a large amount of points. When used a primary, you can ignore having to take Stamin-up as the HG40 allows for high mobility and instead take another perk such as Widow’s Wine to help with your continued survival. The HG40 is best combined with a high damage secondary such as a shotgun, LMG or Ray Gun. In the event of an emergency, the HG40 will not be able to put enough lead down range, but switching to your secondary just might do the job. For those that can avoid the splash damage, we recommend using a Ray Gun as your secondary. Not only does it deal a fair amount of damage, but it will disintegrate any webs that happen to be blocking the way when you’re moving across the island.

The Ray Gun will also help deal with threats that the HG40 cannot effectively eliminate, such as thrashers and also spiders. The HG40 is an excellent SMG with high ammo and incredible accuracy, that when put in the right hands, will slaughter hordes of undead and still have a few bullets to spare. So as long as you don’t blitzkrieg right into your enemies, and instead keep your distance, success with the HG40 is a simple task. Just remember – Slow and steady wins the race. We hope you have enjoyed this episode. Next time we will be covering the MX Garand. Good luck..

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