Hey everybody what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m coming in with the full main easter egg tutorial guide for Gorod Krovi, now it does not matter if you wanna do the easter egg solo or co-op with 2 players, 3 players or even 4 players, it’s going to work and this is going to be the full easter egg tutorial guide, however some steps will be hard to do in solo and all the zombies are going to get attracted to you which will make it really hard in the first place for you to get some steps done, but we got a solution for this, solo or coop, make sure you run gobble gums like insta kills, double points, fire sales, after tastes, undeadman walking and also run perkaholic if you have a good supply of them, for guns make sure you get the ray mark 3, it will make it super easy for you and there is one step in which ray gun mark 3 is really going to help you out and for your secondary get dingo, pack a punch it and get turned on it and trust me this is going to be the killer setup for the boss fight.

Now if you need to know a specific step, there will be time stamps in the description below, but if you need a refresher take everything in order as well, there will be subtitles that you can put on for better understanding. They won’t be perfect, but will surely going to help you out, also if you don’t understand something, comment below and if you need a team, leave your psn, xbox or steam Id with a little summary of you, like if you have a mic or not, what steps are easy and hard for you and etc.

So if you can drop a like on video right now or before you leave that’d be highly appreciated, litterraly recording this at 4 in the morining and took couple of days to gather all the footage and everything and of course if you are new here, make sure to subscribe. But let’s get right into this: now first of all you have to turn on the power and open pack a punch, I have separate guides on both of those and will have links to everything in the description, but just a reminder, after turning on the power, you have to kill zombies till they drop the fuse and each fuse is set for a different dragon station to be inserted in and in total there are three fuses and three dragon stations, one is by the power, the dragon command center, next one is by supply depot, and the last one is at tank factory, after inserting the fuse in the dragon station you are going to see a pod falling from the sky and it will have a green light, you have to defend it till it opens up and after that you have to collect a part from it and then you have to do it two more times and after you get all the parts, there are three in total, you have to insert them in operations bunker.

Afer that make sure you have good perks, shield, ray gun mark 3 and a good secondary. Now it’s finally time to start the easter egg process, and there are a lot of steps that you can multitask in this once you know how the easter egg works, I’m just gonna go in the most simple way and once you understand it, you’re gonna have your ways of doing it. So go to the pack a punch and start the lockdown event by holding square on the crystal, it will block this area and you have to survive and for this make sure you have good perks and at least ray gun mark 3, after surving take your dragon strike from that crystal.

Go down here and shoot the dragon egg above, it’s gonna fall, pick it up and drop down in the water with your crosshairs up, as soon as you are close to the red light start shooting till you pass it, it’s for the trophies step, once you are in the spawn, go to the power location, drop your egg in this nest or anywhere you feel like and wait for the dragon to breathe fire on it.

You are working on getting the gauntlet of siegrfried that is required to get a trophy. And while that egg is sitting, go ahead and collect trophies, there are six trophies that you need to collect. One is by the power, simply shoot it. Second one is by supply depot, simply come in here and dragon strike this puddle and it will come up, go inside the masion and activate the giant laser trap and it will make another trophy pop up. Now go to the tank area and with your shield fire attact this from outside or inside and you’ll have the fourth trophy. Now you wanna take the dragon, take it from somewhere new as you can unlock the dragon wings, go on the opposite side of the pack a punch and grab the trophy from the toilet, now we need just the last trophy and in order to get that we need gauntlet of siegfried, simply go back, end the round if the dragon have already breathe fire on the egg, pick it up and now you have to do three challenges, if you are playing co-op, one player doing the challenge will count for everybody, infact this whole egg is for everyone in your squad.

So challenge no 1: kill napalm zombies, simply gather some zombies, wait for the dragon to breathe fire on them and then just kill them, press select to see your progress, once the meter fills by 1/3, you have to get multi penetrating kills. Make sure you are doing this with lmgs, assault rifles, snipers or shotguns, simply gather a group of zombies and try to get multikills, easiest way to do is by getting headshots when you have sniper or lmg with double tap. Next up you need to get melee kills and you can get ’em by killing zombies with your shield. After completing your challenges, go to pack a punch now from a new dragon command center and go down put your egg in incubator and you have to now defend it, simply kill all the zombies and the drone near this generator, we’re going for a new easter egg step. Once you shoot down the drone, it’s gonna provide electricity to that generator and this is for the walve step that everybody found it super annoying at first, but now we have a solid solution for it.

That generator will last for one round, so don’t kill the last zombie or the drone, simply leave your egg in the incubator so it cools down and once it does you’re gonna hear an audio queue and it’s gonna say you are ready to pick it up. Simply go back to spawn now and keep in mind, if you fail this step, you can do it again next round by going back to pack a punch and you have to activate the generator by holding square or x, you only need to shoot down the drone once nearby. So there are six locations for the walves and each one is at a different area, you are trying here to get enough air, so the tube pops out.

So if you see a walve, that have the purple and white colored tube in it, that’s what you need and it tells you that this is the end of the circuit. And green light is the begining of the circuit and blue light means it’s getting air and no light means, there’s no air. You are trying here get an air circuit, you want air to flow in every walve, so the purple tube come out.

Here is how you can do it, this is done by the effort of so many people in the zombies community and I certainly do not take credit for this, I found this on codzombies subreddit and I believe it is posted by NoahJ. Here are all the combinations. For example, if you see green light at tank factory and you found out the tube you need is at armor, you need to set tank to 1, barracks aka infirmary to 1, departement to 3, dragon to 1, supply depot to 2 and armory to 2. Always check your starting and ending point and follow this, now after doing this, take your tube and insert it in to sophia and end rounds till you hear incubation complete, it’s gonna take one or two rounds, now go back to pack a punch and pick your egg back up and leave.

Now you’re finally going to get your reward and it is gauntlet of siegfried, now go to operations bunker, get your dragon off, punch this safe with your thunder fist, get the final trophy, come to the power and drop all the trophies here and you are ready to do last steps and they are basically challenges for these trophies and there are 6 challenges and they are quite hard, so make sure you are rocking good perks and guns setup. I’m gonna go over hard ones first with you, solo it’s going to be really hard, just know that. And wheter you are playing solo or co-op, rock the undeadman walking gobblegum, trust me it’ll make 10 times easier and if you are playing co-op, make sure only two players escort the mangler and the drone and the rest train somewhere else, so some zombies gets attracted to them and not all zombies gets attracted to the players that are doing these steps. All the chalenges here except the last key challenge are going to be random, so let’s pretend green eyed Russian Mangler is your first challenge, rock undeadman walking gobble gum, go to the tank factory and now you have to attract him and bring him to the power location safely, you can not shoot him and he walks super slow and can easily go in the opposite direction and somehow he starts running in the opposite way instead of running towards the destination which is really frustration, being him to the teleporter and voila, challenge one done.

Next challenge, escort the drone, simply rock undeadman walking, go to the spawn and escort the green eyed drone to the teleporter, once again you cannot shoot the drone or otherwise you’ll fail this step and let only two players do this step. Next one that is a lil hard is the bomb defusing step, in solo it is quite easy because you pause your game and write it down and plan out how you’re going to do it, so that’s a quick tip right here. In co-op however you cannot pause and you have to be quick to know the locations, you have to defuse all six bombs in order whitin time, so make sure everyone knows all the bombs location. Best way to do it is by one person takes a note of first three bomb location and the second player takes note of the last three, everyone spread out and start defusing in order.

Next step is killing Gersh, which can be quite hard in solo and even in co-op because he’s going to teleport to random areas around the map, here’s how it works: A yellow orb (Gersch) will fly around the map randomly. Keep shooting it with an upgraded weapon until it stops and narrates 3 times with third time of him speaking means you’ve done, go to sophia and wait a little till Gersh is dead. Second last step is the easiest make sure you have the ray gun mark 3 and here’s how it works: A pod will spawn outside the map. Secure it and then throw the whelp aka your baby dragon (by using the gauntlet of siegfried) which will obtain the cargo. Put the cargo into the front of Sophia and now you are down to the last challenge. After doing the other five trials, obtain the key card from the large screen opposite to sophia then go to The Hatchery. Find the computer which should have red lamps on it and hold square.

You will then need to fight off russian manglers in a similar style to bunker defence, just make sure you have a good setup. Take the key card back. Now you have to Keep interacting with Sophia until she gives you her power core. She will then turn off. Run to spawn and face Nikolai then send your whelp out to him. It will deliver the power core. Return to Sophia and she will fly away. You can now finally enter the boss fight by going to a sewer at her original location. Make sure you have a new shield, gobblegum, perks and guns. In the boss fight you will firstly fight a dragon which has three phases. You will fight alongside Nikolai and he will shoot areas in the dragon which become lit up red. After the dragon dies you finally have to fight Nikolai 1.0. You must shoot out robot orange eyes and shoot out his power cores on top of his shoulders which show when he stands still. After doing this, he will have an orange core in his centre. You must shoot that and then the robot will die.

Make sure you stay around the corners, and whenever you need to go in fire, pull out your shield and this is really about it. Thank you guys for watching, if this helps you out give this video a big thumbs up, share your gamertags in the comments and if your friends need a guide, share this with them and of course if you are new don’t forget to subscribe and that is really about it..

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