Hey everybody how’s it going my name is Usman and today I’m bringing you guys a full guide explaining what is liquid divinium, how you get it, gonna talk about gobble gum, gumballs, and of course will be showing you guys the best and the fastest way to get liquid divinum in Black Ops 3 zombies, now liquid divium is what will get you mega gobble gum in zombies & there are two types of gobble gum better knows as Doctor Montys Gumballs, so the first one is the classic gobble gum which you can unlock by ranking up in zombies, I have made a whole guide on how to rank up fast in black ops 3 zombies, and that was my previous video, if you have missed it check it out after watching this video I’m sure it will help you even more to unlock gobble gum fast, so the second one is the mega gobble gum and to unlock these that’s when you need to have liquid divinium, and in the mega gobble gum there are super awesome and rare gumbals and one of them is the perkaholic, if you get it by reedeeming your liquid divinim or I should say diviunims cause it’s super rare, if you get if after your first try well good for you if not rip your liquid divinuims and once you get it, you will be able to get in game too and you’ll instantly gonna get 7 perks which is freaking insane and there are more of these gumballs, but the things to keep in mind are there will be a number at top left of these gumballs and that will tell you how many times you can get these mega gumballs in game the second thing is you can only get 2 liquid diviniums per game so that’s what make getting these super rare mega gumballs hard, So the first liquid divinuim you get around round 6 to 9 and the second one anywhere between 15 to round 17, but sometimes it’s random you might get a little bit earlier or later depending on what round you have left the game before, but I found a really good strategy in order to find liquid divinium fast, so you get liquid divinium by taking action towards buying wall weapons, buying ammo, perks, doors, pack a punching your weapons, mystery box hit, teleporting in the giant and things like that.

And I’m not gonna lie finding liquid divinium is way faster in the giant then shadows of evil as of right now because we haven’t got any other dlc map, so the best way to get liquid divinium is by purchasing cheap perks such as quick revive get that at the end of the round 7 so you can find liquid divinuim in quick revive & not waste your money on anything else, but if you don’t get it buy cheap doors or wall weapons till you get it at the end of the round 7 and this applies to shadow of evil zombies too, and however if you’re thinking of leaving the game and start it back to get liquid divinium that early, don’t do it you will not going to find any liquid divinium, I have tested this out by myself, so the second one you can get it at the end of the round 16, I left one zombie alive and I have just opened a door and boom I got my second liquid divinuim at my first try, so like I said you can only get two of these per game, so if you;re going for liquid divinuim end the game and start it back and it will take you around half an hour to get 2 liquid divinuims in the giant and in shadows of evil all i can say do not do the ritauls just train at this spot, buy wall weapons, perks everthing like that and one more thing do not try to get liquid divinuim by skipping rounds, it might work but I have tried 5 times already I opened all the doors around the map, I’ve purchased shit loads of wall guns, but I haven’t got a single time any liquid divinuim, so keep that in mind.

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