How’s it going everyone. Chris is back in black! It’s been a while since I last posted a Call of Duty weapon guide, but the video series I pretty much started my channel on is back for Black Ops 3. To kick this series off we’re going to take a look at the stats and figures of the Kuda Sub Machine Gun, which is pretty much the reincarnation of the trusty MP5 from previous titles. The Kuda is the very first SMG you can get your hands on at level 1. So jumping straight in let’s take a look at the damage stats for the Kuda. This weapon weighs in a damage rating of 35 dropping off to 19 at a series of different distance intervals. That close range figure of 35 is the highest in its class, which means you can take out baddies in just 3 shots, although that has to be within about 5 metres. At long range this weapon suffers just like all SMGs with it needing up to 6 shots to kill. Combined with its fire rate, these damage figures calculate to a damage per second of 422 up close and 229 at long range, which despite having a high up close damage rating, actually puts it in the middle of the pack considering there’s other SMGs that can spew out bullets much faster in the same timeframe and thus inflicting more damage.

Talking of fire rate, the Kuda clocks in at an average of 723 rounds per minute, which is nothing special SMG wise, but it means you’re not going to accidently blow your entire load of ammo when you get into those exciting firefights. Magazine size is 30 rounds, which is pretty standard in the full spectrum of weapons, but outshined by many of the other SMGs which have 40 or even 50 round mags. The extended mags attachment would be a good choice to remedy this. But, these mags can be replenished pretty quickly at seconds even without fast mags. So moving on, recoil for the Kuda is pretty average once again. It’s no where near as crazy as the VPM, Weevil or Vesper, but it’s also not as pinpoint accurate as the Pharo or Razorback so the Grip would be a wise attachment. All in all, the Kuda gets a 4 out of 5 rating and my title of Barrel Stuffer. It has its strengths and weaknesses, its main strength being that 3 shot kill up close, despite it being within touching distance, hence the name barrel stuffer.

But it’s let down a little with its slower firerate not providing as higher damage per second figures as the faster firing weapons. Still, it’s a good all rounder and has the characteristics of a classic Call of Duty SMG, which should make it a favourite with run and gunners. So I hope you found this first episode of my new Black Ops 3 weapon guide series useful. If you’re happy to see this series again on my channel be sure to add a like so I know you’re enjoying them, otherwise thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next one..

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