How’s it going everyone, welcome back to my Black Ops 3 weapon guide series. Today’s featured weapon is the M8A7, a beast of an assault rifle that isn’t unlocked until level 55. We saw the M8A1 in Black Ops 2, so the A7 designation of this weapon is 6 versions ahead, accounting for the time difference between 2025 and 2065 in the Black Ops storyline. So let’s get started and look at the stats and figures behind the M8A7 in game, and figure out why it’s so good. First up is the damage profile. This weapon has the numbers 30-22. That’s 30 up close and 22 at long range from around the 40m mark. This equates to needing between 4 and 5 shots to kill, and with this weapon being a 4 round burst gun, that means you can one-burst people within that 40m range.

Damage per second works out to 320 to 235 when you factor in the delay between the bursts, which is pretty much middle of the road within all the assault rifle specs. Factoring in the burst delay means the overall rate of fire is 641 rounds per minute, but the rate of which the shots within the burst are fired is extremely high. It’s by far one of the fastest firing weapons, aside from the burst delay of course, but in game you’ll find it drops people very quickly and will often come out on top in one on one fire fights. Magazine size comes with an extra 2 rounds over standard to allow for the 4 round burst setup, so you get 8 full shots per mag. That’s plenty to keep you going until you find a safe spot to reload, which takes a respectable 2 seconds. Naturally, being a burst weapon you expect it to be pinpoint accurate, and the M8 is definitely one of the most accurate weapons in the game.

Aside from the sniper rifles, the only gun with less recoil is the semi-automatic Shieva. Iron sights for the M8A7 are perfectly usable. They’re of the apperture style so you’ve got that ring to look through. Sometimes this helps focus on your target, but other times it can obscure baddies and prevent you from seeing them. But with this weapon being an accurate rifle, it’s worth using a slot in your loadout on an optic of some kind.

So all in all the M8A7 in Black Ops 3 gets a 5/5 rating, which is why I’ve given it the title of “Your Best M8” – Did you see what I did there with the word mate? Because M and 8 sounds like mate, and best mate has mate in it. Oh nevermind then. So I hope you enjoyed this review of the M8A7 in Black Ops 3. If you did, a thumbs up or a share with your friends would be greatly appreciated. Check out my other Black Ops 3 weapon guides if you’ve missed any so far, otherwise thanks for watching and stay tuned to my channel for the next one.

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