Hey everybody what the heck is going on my name is Usman & today I will be showing you guys the best strategy guide for Moon and Moon remastered and if you follow this up you can definitely get to high rounds like 50+, 100+ very easily, the only thing it would require you is patience and a lil bit of focus and this strategy works really daymn good, but if you happen to be new on the channel hey definitely do consider subscribing we do daily videos and live streams and definitely hit that bell it will keep you notified for future videos, streams, open lobbies and much much more. And this will not just get you to a high round, but I will also show you the best points building strategy, best training spot, what are the best guns to use on moon, best perks if you don’t want to use perkaholic, everything like that now a quick note tho, you wont see me getting to round 100 in this video, because I needed to quit to do a stream, so hopefully you understand that but you you can do this solo, or with 2 players, three players and even with 4 players.

And if you are looking to party up definitely leave you psn’s, gamertags and steam ids in the comments, reply to each other and team up that way and if you have a ps4, you can definitely add me, I will be doing a ton of open lobbies this summer and after that as well. Now I will try my very best to make sure that this helps you out even if you are playing Moon on Black Ops zombies, but this is mainly going to be for Moon remastered on Black Ops 3 zombies. The strategy will be the same and I will make sure it is accesible for everyone, but of course in Black Ops 3 zombies we have things like gooble gums and pack a punch abilities. Now first things first I wanna dive in with what gobble gums you should have, now you must get alchemical it’s a classic gobble gum that helps you out with ammo, its way better than putting cache back on which is a mega gobble gum that gives you only 1 max ammo, but alchemical will get you max ammo and will give you some time to have some unlimited ammo and you get 2 activations with it.

The next gobble gum you can get is perkaholic, it will give you all the perks, but if you dont want to use perkaholic, don’t you worry I gotchu with 4 best perks, the next gobble gum you can use is self medication, you can go down three times in total but you won’t loose any perk which is really damn effective with perkaholic, but if you don’t have it, you can use the classic gobblegum that’s called in plain sight that will come in handy if you get stuck, basically for 10 seconds zombies won’t hit you. The next gobble gum you want is disorderly combat, and that’s where the strategy begin for points building. Now as you know you spawn in area 51, you get unlimited zombies to spawn in here, there are no wall weapons you can buy, there’s no mystery box, but you got the mr6 and the rk5 if you have completed the easter eggs in black ops 3 zombies and with that you can make some points and shieet like that but it’s not going to be too much.

So what you wanna do is you wanna come up in here, don’t teleport just yet, also make sure you get juggernog to spawn in that’s a must if you are not going to get perkaholic and thats a must if you are playing the original moon zombies and of course you don’t wanna worry about gobble gum because there isnt in black ops 1.

But hit that gobblegum machine if you are on bo3 zombies, and try and get the disorderly combat, if you don’t get it you can try 3 times in total, but if you don’t get it after, you would definitely have to restart, but if you do get it this will give you 5 minutes where you will cycle through 30 different weapons with unlimited ammo and there will be unlimited zombies that will spawn in as well, simply get a lot of kills and try to get as many headshots as you possibly can, this way you will get a ton of points on round 1 and if you get over 20k points you are basically going to set up really really fast, you can easily get over 30k points by doing this too, now once you run out of the gobblegum or you feel ready, also make sure to be in a good training position because if you get the argus or the krm, you can easily go down, so be aware of that but once you are ready, teleport to the moon, make sure you get the helmet on, it’s very important, one of my dude during an open lobby livestream didn’t had his helmet on and he ended up going down, so that’s very important.

Now make sure you follow this and go from this way, open all the doors, you will have a ton of points, so dont worry about that, definitely get the perks while you are opening doors. If you are playing plays solo, get quick revive, otherwise don’t buy it, make sure you got, jugg, double tap and speed cola. And if you have unquenchable definitely get widows wine. So 4-5 perks if you are playing solo, and 4 perks if you are playing co-op, get everything I mentioned except for quick revive. Now you wanna make sure you open up up the biodome and the outside area where we have mulekick. Now at this are, we got a really solid wall gun which is the kn44 and I definitely recommend you buying that because it’s a wall weapon, you can buy ammo at anytime and this is going to be one of the best training spot as well.

Now I prefer training in this area, it is super easy you have a lot of room and there’s very less gravity, you can jump further. Also you wanna try and hit the box, you can use immolation liquidation to speed up the process but it is not required. Now you wanna try and get the zap gun, gersh device, annhilator and everything like that, now I personally recommend only having 2 weapons, the zap gun and kn44, you wanna try and get the blast furnace pap ability and when zap gun is dual wield it acts like dead wire but one shot only kills one zombies.

Now what you want to do is always have your zap gun out and gather all the zombies, and use your kn44 blast furnace ability, also occasinally throw gursh device, this is going to get you a drop mostly every time, and that can be max ammo, nuke, insta kill, death machine, everything like that. You can also combine, the zap gun all together and you have limited ammo, so only use when you need to, it is very effective. Now there are two locations where I recommend you train at, also make sure you have perkaholic if you are willing to use, you definitely want to get self medication gobble gum as well otherwise have in plain sight. Now I really prefer this training area, if you are playing solo, this is definitely the best and you can also and multiple ppl can train inside the biodome and it’s great because if someone goes down, they will be near by and you can pick them up. Now it is very easy map and strategy, hope this helps, there’s nothing more to add, but if you have something let me know in the comments, smash a like and subscribe if you are new and I’ll see you very soon.

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