Hey RAD Company today I have official tutorial for the shadows of evil easter egg. I wanted to make a quality guide that you could use for the future. I will recommend that you watch my guides on how to aquire and upgrade the swords and how to unlock pack a punch on round 1 if you are looking for more detail. Now the first step is to cause the apoclyspse. To do this you must unlock all the ritual sites and acquire all of the items for the ritual. Once you have unlocked The pen, wig, belt, and badge you must complete the rituals at nero’s place, the burlesque, the boxing ring, and the ruby rabbit. Once you have completed all the rituals and taken the gateworms you most unlock the rift room if you haven’t already.

Once inside the wall will break and you will be able to place all 4 of your gateworms. Activate the key and you will unlock pack a punch and start the apocalypse. This easter egg can only be comepleted with four players as of this time. Also remember that having all four players in the room during the ritual makes it go so much faster. The next step is to unlock the swords. You need to take the train to all three locations on the map and look for broken windows. In these windows, are the symbols to unlock the hidden room contain the swords. Once you know all three symbols you must enter beast mode and shock the symbols into the door in the rift room.

Once unlocked each player much take their egg and charge it in the chthulu statues around the map. There are 4 of them and they are located in the rift room, in front of the ruby rabbit, in the footlight district under the perk machine, and in the waterfront district next to the perk machine. To fill the egg it requires what we believe to be 12 zombies kills. Once all four eggs are done each character must return to the sword room and trade the egg for a sword. Just interact with the wall to give the egg then back up and interact again to take the sword. Step 3 is to upgrade each player’s sword.

First players must head to their ritual site site and accept an egg from the ghost keeper. With this players can now activate the blood circles located around the map. There are four locations which are in front of the burluque, in front of the ruby rabbit, in front of easy street, and in front of the boxer’s ring. All of them are close to ritual sites. When you place you egg in the blood circle a margwa will spawn the first time. Once you kill it you will have completed the the first blood ritual. Players are only allowed to complete one blood ritual per round. You will need good teamwork to not accidently end rounds early because it cause the game to go longer. After your first blood ritual the next three will spawn 2 margwas at a time. You do not need to kill the margwas near the circles. I advise running to where you are comfortable to kill them on the map and do so.

After each player has completed all four blood rituals they must give their eggs back to the ghost keepers. They will then give you the upgraded sword which you must pick up from them. Step four is one of the easiest. Walk into Nero’s room and interact with the book on the floor as shown. This will activate the flag to drop in the rift. Step 5 can be done in the same round all player complete their last blood ritual if you manage your rounds correctly.

Once again you can only complete charging the flag once per round and you have to do this four times. It doesn’t matter which person picks up the flag, but try to use the closest charge path. What I mean is watch where we go on screen because it is the closest charge routes to the ritual sites. It makes you and your temas life a lot easy when you don’t have to run across the map to place your flag. When you grab the flag the round will spawn infinite parasites and elemental balls. You must stop them from destroying the flag. When you hear a ding that means the flag is charged and you can take it to the next location.

Continue this process until all the flags are charged. Make sure to shoot the shadow man because he will appear above the characters and try to blow up the flag. The best strategy we found was to summon the civil protector and everyone to face one direction. This way we could cover all lines of site to protect the flag. After all four flags are charged players must give their sword to the keepers in the pack a punch room. When the last sword is raised the shadow man will appear and players will need to shoot him all the way until he hovers over the alter.

While he hovers a player must interact with the alter to sacerfice him. This can be done on your first try, but it is hard. The best strategy for this is to have two players on the left and right of pack a punch throwing little arnies and distracting the zombies. There should be another player training behind the alter pressing the interaction button reaptively. And the player shooting the shadow man should try to get the gobble gum in plain site because it acts as zombie blood for 10 seconds.

When shooting the shadow man he will appear to the left or right of the player. Hitting him will cause him to instantly teleport. You must be quick to hit him otherwise he will teleport back to pack a punch and put up his shield again. Everytime players fail to sacerfice the shadow man a margwa will spawn. Be smart how you do this step and do not rush things. The final step of the easter egg is after you sacerfice the shadowman. A giant gateworm will appear in the center of the train rails. Players must now kill margwas to unlock beast modes. Every couple minutes players will become marked and will need to be cleansed by white portals around the map. Nothing you do in human form can stop you from going down if you are marked and do not get cleansed in time. Once enough margwas have been killed three players should enter beast mode. They need to go to each of the train rail stations and shoot the three boxes to electrify the rails.

While that happens the one player still human needs to buy the train to get rid of the gateworm. The human player should rush to a beast mode near by and rush toward the interaction with the gateowrm. Once the gateworm is gone quickly zap the keepers and they will save the world. Now the person to find this easter egg first was named bahroo6, but he did not figure it out. A donator told him how to do it because he hacked the code. The image on screen is showing what the hacker got a hold of. Sadly this great quest was figured out by hacking, but with future dlc’s it won’t be possible to leak tem. I want to thank you for watching and if you enjoyed this video check out more videos during the outro. I post a lot of zombies and I love doing it. I will see you in the next video! Bye!

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