-GB hey there guys coupled assassin here and in todays video I am going to show you the locations for the radio on the black ops 3 zombies map the giant now if this was helpful for you drop it a like and if your not a subscriber already make sure to subscribe right so lets get into this the first location is in the spawn area so make your way over here just next to sort of where the main sort of teleporter is on the side here just go up to this little radio and press x ok so the next location if you follow me as we go through this door on the sort of right hand side go through here go into the sort of animal testing round the corner past the kuda then into this little room and there is a filing cabinet with a draw open its just inside there again just press x .

Ok so the next location is in the teleprter sort of room here if you go just behind the stairs you will see sort of a main kind of old style radio again same thing just press x . ok so the next location is a little bit further away so if you basiccly come out of this room go past the osrt of kuda again back in to sort of the hall way go across then the next thing you are going to need to do is go up these stairs now as you come up these stairs just sort of towards where the bridge is just in the corner here there is another one in this kinda of laid down filing chest or whatever it is same again just press x on it .

Ok so for the next radio location we need to actually go across the bridge and we are going to now head to the other teleporter room that’s up here so go straight through this door here and take a straight left and in this barrel just here as you see there is another big radio again just press x. ok so moving on from this location you need to go back out of this room then you are going to go down these stairs here and down this sort of stair case into the sort of furnace room and just round the back just near this pipe there is another one again press x on it ok so for our next radio we need to go back over towards where the power is where you turn the power on so go back up these stairs again back through this opening area here drop off the end here and then we need to make our way to where the perk machine is so through this gate straight up here then round sort of on this corner near where the wood is there is a little big radio there again again just go up to it and press x ok so our last and final radio is basiccly in teleporter room here we need to just go up these stairs and then go straight out on to the porch bit here and in the very bottom corner here you can see another hand held radio again just click x on it ok so that’s all the radio locations I hope you enjoyed the video if you did make sure to drop it a like if it was helpful for you and also if you have got any comments or questions or if you know of any other radio locations drop me a comment below but these are the one I have been able to find hope you enjoyed the video thank you very much for watching and make sure to check out other coupled assassin content thank you bye

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