Hello everyone and welcome back to my weapon guide series for Black Ops 3. Today’s featured weapon is the first assault rifle you get to play with in game, the XR-2. The XR-2 takes the place of the token 3 round burst weapon we see in every Call of Duty title. Back in the early days the M16, which usually filled this role was one of the most powerful weapons in the right hands of players who could snap their aim on target quickly. So let’s take a look at the stats and figures behind the XR-2 and figure out if its as good as its predecessors.

Up first is the damage stats. The XR-2 has the classic damage profile of 40-30. 40 up close, reducing the 30 at long range at just over 40 in game metres. This equates to a 3-4 shot kill, so in theory you can 1-burst your enemies to effectively instakill them at close range, but it often doesn’t quite work out that way in game when you mix in the weapon’s fire rate, movement, flinch and general lag which means shots might miss or just not register. Because this weapon is set up in burst mode, the damage per second figures are woeful at 293 up close and 220 at long range due to the delay between shots. The only weapon worse than this is the semi auto Shieva.

When you factor in the delay between bursts, the overall fire rate clocks in at just 439 rounds per minute. Mag size is the typical 30 rounds for assault rifles, and since this is a burst weapon you’re not really going to be left wanting more seeing as burst weapons naturally help preserve your ammo by not allowing you to spray like you would a full auto weapon. Reload time is also pretty respectable at 2 seconds, the fastest reload time within the assault rifle category. As you would expect from a burst weapon the recoil is almost non existent. The whole point of have a burst setup is to allow the weapon to centre itself to prevent the muzzle slowly climbing after each shot. This means you’ll quite easily be able to land the 2 bursts to kill for those long range shots. The sights of the XR-2 aren’t bad, but they’re of the aperture style which means the front pin is surrounded by the rear aperture when ADS’ing.

This can distort your overall field of view so a reflect sight would be a good choice to boost your accuracy, which as we’ve mentioned is important with this weapon. So all in all my rating for the XR-2 in Black Ops 3 is a 3 out of 5. As the Tenacious D song goes, This is not the greatest gun in the game. No, this is just a tribute. While it has the heritage of the M16 from Call of Duty 4 and Black Ops 1, it doesn’t quite have the same deadliness of those classics. Compared to the other weapons, there’s not really any reason to restrict yourself with a 3 round burst weapon when there’s full auto assault rifles that also inflict good damage and also have pretty manageable recoil, like the Man-O-War. Or there’s the M8A7, which despite doing lower damage, emits a 4 shot burst with a faster fire rate, which tends to perform better in game. But let me know your thoughts on the XR-2 down in the comments. Are you someone who can absolutely wreck with this weapon? If you enjoyed this video or found it useful a thumbs up to help spread the word would be really appreciated.

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