The ABR two to three tactical rifle in call of duty black ops for is a burst by a rifle with medium damage without attachments it takes multiple bursts to kill unless you get a headshot the ABR 33 is best used at medium range the best attachments for the ABR 2v3 and those that help you at medium range the reflex sight makes it easier to spot enemies and quick tall help to bring up the ABR 2 T 3 faster grip reduces the recoil of the ABR 2 to 3 the best gear for the ABR 2 to 3 helps you stay alive use body armor for a slight health boost on respawn and your favorite secondly for close quarters the best pegs for the ABR 2 to 3 help you maneuver the map black jacket protects you from explosives and cold-blooded and ghosts help you stay off enemy UAV and equipment here is the complete best class setup for the ABR 2 to 3 in call of duty black ops 4

As found on Youtube