The orga DMR tactical rifle in full of duty black ops port is a semi-automatic rifle best suited for long range engagements without attachments it requires three shots to kill with moderate recoil that can make a difficult to put three shots on target the best attachments for the organ DMR make it more deadly use FMJ to increase damage against armor and high caliber one and two to increase damage to the head and upper chest the best ear for the orga DMR helps you survive and in close quarters use the body armor to get the slight health boost on respawn use your favourite secondly for when you run into enemies in close quarters the best perks for the orga DMR help you spot enemies and defend a position black jacket reduces damage taken from explosives and cold that it keeps your enemy tactical equipment team link gives you vision around friendlies here is the complete best last setup for the orga DMR in call of duty black ops 4

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