Hi guys miss Roth waffles here this is a guide for the second music Easter Egg unclassified when you’re in the spawn come to the new area of this level of the map and you’ll see a little vodka bottle lying on a kind of filing cabinet type thing hold square on it and then come through where I’m running right now to go down to the war rooms now this particular music Easter Egg is not for the intro cutscene music that was already found and they have a separate guide for that on my channel it’ll be linked in the description down below and in the top right hand corner of the screen this one is actually a song by Kevin Sherwood he’s obviously been doing the zombies music for ages and nice to have him kind of returning especially in a map which features ultima s– there’s your second bottle you’re just gonna want to hold square on it and by the way you can obviously hold square in any order on these bottles it doesn’t need to be the top bottle first there’s one on each floor so just do it as you so desire finally we’re gonna go down at the elevator as you can see here just check it out which way we’re going just gotta make sure come through the corridor and then as you come into this room here you should see the bottle in just a second lying just there hopefully you’ve enjoyed this guide guys leave a like if you have done and if it’s been useful I’ve been mr.

Ruffalo falls subscriber here’s the song enjoy boys my great .

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