The gks submachine gun in call of duty black ops 4 is a lower fire rate higher damage submachine gun it is best used at medium range and can compete with some assault rifles at a distance it is not a gun you can rush enemies with a slow tactic advanced being ready for surprises best suits the gks submachine gun maneuver the map in ways the enemies don’t expect to hit them in the flank the best attachments for the gks are those that make it more competitive with assault rifles the reflex sight helps you spot enemies at medium range the grip reduces recall and flinching letting you win contested fights more easily the long bell extends the range of the gks as you will be aggressive and want to move quickly use the stim shot to help increase the rate of healing remember that you can fire from the hip while stealing the best pegs for the gks help protect you whilst you are flanking use flak jacket to reduce explosive damage ensuring you don’t get affected by enemy lethal equipment lightweight lets you move faster ghost keeps you off enemy UAVs so your position isn’t given away here is the complete best last setup for the gks

As found on Youtube