In the call of duty black ops 4 blackout mode players will be able to use a wingsuit to safely travel down to the map here’s how you can deploy and redeploy your wingsuit during black out like in many other battle royale games you’ll start a match by skydiving out of an aircraft you’ll be able to deploy your wingsuit here during freefall letting you safely land on the ground to do this simply flatten your body out during your descent to open up the wingsuit but in addition to this you’ll also be able to redeploy your wingsuit during the match itself to do this you simply need to find a high point on the map sprint off the edge of it and then press and hold the jump button this will bring your wingsuit out allowing you to land on the ground without taking damage now note that you’ll need to be relatively high up to get the option to redeploy for example you’ll be able to wingsuit off of the helipad at the construction site take note of where you can do this around the map as these spots can be incredibly helpful if you need to make a fast getaway during the action and that’s it for this video if you found this helpful please like and subscribe check back every weekday for another prima 365 and for more content like this make sure to head over to prima Gamescom

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