The medics IFB assault rifle in call of duty black ops 4 as the highest by rate of all the assault rifles with a large mo supply it is best used aggressively and can’t compete with submachine guns at close range it is moderately effective that hipfire although the fire rate is not high enough to use it that way exclusively the recoil makes it hard to shoot enemies that are entrenched behind cover try to avoid those enemies or flank them to negate their cover the best attachments for team Adams RFP help you when you are close to enemies use quick door tripping up the medics are three faster giving you an edge when you run into an enemy by surprise stock lets you move faster bust aiming making you a harder target to hit fast mags reduces the wheeler time letting you get back in the fight faster after running dry the best gear for the medics rfb helps you be aggressive the body armor gives you a little extra health on respond helping you out in your vest contested by a fight the concussion grenade lets you clear out rooms with ease the best perks for the medics IFB help you flank tactical mask and cold-blooded lets you avoid most enemy equipment ghost keeps you off enemy UAVs ensuring your flanking move isn’t revealed prematurely here is the complete best class setup for the Maddox RFP assault rifle in call of duty black ops 4

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