To find out which night machine gun is best and call of duty black ops 4 there are three light machine guns to consider the titan with the highest ammunition supply of the light machine guns can be used to hold down a position very well the Hades has the highest fire rate and deals a good amount of damage and can be deadly behind cover with enemies in front of you the vkm 750 is also a powerful weapon with the highest damage of mcnutt’s although it has the lowest fire rate of the lot the light machine gun class is a support gunner and sometimes needs to help advance on enemy positions the slow fire rate and low mobility of evey km 750 means that it is harder to use when attacking an enemy objective the titan is pretty good at taking down enemies as well and is a close second to the best light machine gun in the game the Hades light machine gun wins because of its versatility with it it is pretty easy to hold down a position because of its high fire rate you can also use it when you are closer to enemies and still have a fighting chance against at least assault rifles therefore the Hades is the best light machine gun in call of duty black ops 4

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