The vapor xkg assault rifle in full of duty black ops 4 is a highly mobile rifle with a good fire rate it is strong at medium range and can’t compete with submachine guns at close range it is best used by flanking and surprising enemies you can fire a vapor xkg from the hip but it is better to fire whilst aiming down the sights remember to keep moving as you shoot to make it harder for enemies to hit you the best attachments for the vapor xkg help you stay hidden was flanking and let you avoid enemy fire in a contested by binary use the suppressor to stay off the enemy radar when you fire use the stock 1 & 2 to increase your movement speed whilst aiming down the sights the best year for the vapor xkg helps you stay alive and surprise enemies use the body armor for health increase after respawning use concussion grenades to stun enemies before moving in and taking them out the best pegs for the vapor xkg protect you was thinking use flak jacket to reduce enemy explosive damage use light weight to help you move faster use ghosts to stay off enemy UAVs here is the complete best last set of body vapor xkg assault rifle in call of duty black ops 4

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