Db/km 750 light machinegun in call of duty black ops forth is the highest damage slowest firing light machine gun in the game each bullet is powerful but you have to be careful to get all your shots on target he can be somewhat aggressive although the low mobility of the vkm 750 means that you are at a disadvantage two assault rifles and submachine guns at medium and close range the best attachments for the vkm 750 make it more deadly use high-caliber 1 and 2 to increase the damage that to enemy heads and chests use rapid fire to increase the fire rate of db/km 750 their best gear for the B km 750 helps you stay alive whilst holding down a position use body armor to give you a health boost on respawn the best packs for the vkm 750 protect you whilst holding down a position black jacket reduces the explosive damage you take cold blooded keeps you safe from enemy tactical equipment ghost helps you stay off enemy UAVs so that enemies are less likely to surprise you whilst changing position here is the complete best bar setup for the vkm 750 light machine gun in call of duty black ops 4

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