What’s up YouTube, Varnesh here, and welcome to the channel. This video brings back the long standing epic weapon reviews that can be found on the channel, where we look at the perks and handling of the epic weapon to determine if it’s worth your hard earned salvage. And this time we are taking a look at a shotgun that I wasn’t expecting to like or use at all. Let’s dig right in! I recently got the Banshee Doppler out of a Supply Drop and just kind of sat there and stared at it not knowing if I would ever use it. So let’s take a look at the Doppler, talk about it’s perks, and then I’ll go over my class setup as well as dig into the weapon some more before giving you my final thoughts! The main perk for the Doppler is Sonic Boom.

Sonic Boom gives the Banshee a stacked 3-round burst with each trigger pull. So yes, you’re going to be getting three shots each time you fire the weapon. And in my experience I don’t like the Banshee much at all because the fire-rate tends to be incredibly slow and I just wanted able to get kills like I wanted to. So enter the solution to that problem! This weapon now, from my experience, tends to be a one shot kill if you can land all three of those shots and aren’t too far away from your enemies. It is a shotgun, so you’re going to want to make sure you’re closing the distance, something I still don’t always do, but that’s okay! The secondary perk that we get on the Doppler is Readiness, which allows you to reload faster when you’re mag is empty. This even stacks with the Dexterity perk! This tends to be a pretty great perk when it comes to the Doppler since you’re going to be running through ammo like no ones business. So you really do want that little boost to that reload speed if you’re out of ammo and are finding yourself in a tight spot.

Alright, so right out of the gate I am going to tell you that there is really only one map that I tend to run this weapon on, and that is Frontier. The tight corners, short lanes, and overall fast pace of the map plays to the shotgun playstyle that folks want. On larger maps you have the issue of longer lanes and run the risk of being seen a lot sooner and then you don’t get the kill. Or if you’re playing on a larger map with a shotgun you just tend to bunker down in one area for the entire match and people just avoid your little shotgun bunker. That’s why I think this weapon is one that is perfectly designed for small maps like Frontier. Now I remember trying to play with the Doppler when I first got it, and was having trouble getting used to it’s recoil. Now when I say recoil I don’t just mean a little bit of movement, but rather the thing KICKS like crazy, and was the biggest hurdle to getting used to the weapon.

I found myself trying to go in and get two kills in a row and would end up under and over compensating for the recoil before I got used to it. But once I got used to it, oh goodness did I love this thing. So if you do end up using this weapon, expect to spend a couple matches getting used to controlling the recoil, it doesn’t take long, but it does have a kick, so you’ll want to spend the time getting used to it. At the end of the day I tend to find myself only being limited with this weapon by it’s range, and that’s because it’s a shotgun, so that is to be expected. With Readiness I don’t have too many times where I feel like I needed just a bit more time to reload. So often I’ll find myself putting a Particle Amp as well as a Suppressor on the Doppler; the suppressor doesn’t reduce the range by more than 5% and the Particle Amp just gives it that extra oompf.

I’m also that weird guy who runs with range and suppressor on a weapon just because I don’t like showing up on a mini map, and you’ll want that since you’re loud and proud with that three round burst. Overall the Banshee Doppler is extremely fun to play with. But keep in mind that choosing this weapon is highly dependent on the map you’re playing on, as you’re going to want those short lanes and tight corners to help.

The thing is a beast, is extremely fun, and gives you that excitement that you’re looking for when playing with shotguns on the search for that one shot one kill run and gun lifestyle, and this is one of those shotguns that will help you out in that department! So, when it comes down to it you want to know if the Banshee Doppler is worth your hard earned salvage. Simply put, if you’re a good player with Shotguns it might, I repeat, MIGHT be worth your salvage. But too often I feel the maps on Infinite Warfare don’t cater well to the shotgun crowd and you would be better off spending that salvage on something else and waiting for this epic weapon to come along in a Supply Drop.

But on the off chance you’re invincible when you have a shotgun placed into your create-a-class, then by all means hop on over and purchase this sucker, because so far it probably holds the spot of my favorite shotgun in Infinite Warfare! Have you played with the Banshee Doppler yet, or have another favorite shotgun? Let me know down in the comments below which one is your favorite! Don’t forget to check out all the other Epic Weapon Reviews on the channel, and hit that subscribe button if you like what you see and want to join the community here! And if you enjoyed this video specifically I sure would appreciate it if you hit that thumbs up button! Until next time!.

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