Ladies and gentlemen what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I gotchu guys another video and today what I have for you is the best gun in the game. Now this is going to be a non wonder weapon related video, I didn’t want it include them, you know I’m saying, super fly baby. This is mainly going to be a video where I will give you guys the best perks setup and will let you know the best gun to use in iw zombies as well what attachments you should get on the gun and like always I don’t have just one gun to talk about I got three guns in total that are the best, but out of them of course there is only going to be one that will be supperior. Now real quick if you guys can do me a huge huge favor, drop that like, lets try & break 115 likes and definitely subcribe if you are new to the channel, we daily videos and daily livestream, but the first gun we got is the strating room pistol itself and if you are new to zombies you’d thinking I’m out of my god dayumm mind, but hold on & trust me, when you pack a punch this pistol right here for 5000 points, it becomes one of the best gun to use in the game.

Now before I say why I put it up on the list, I wanna talk about what attachments you should have on this starting room pistol, now when you go over to your weapon kits, go directly to handguns and you wanna select attachments for the kendall 44, the biggest and the most important attachment here will be the extended mags which will give you more ammo in your magazine and will give you more in general as well, next up get the rifled barrel, which will increase it’s long range damage, laser sight will definitely help you out when you pack a punch this gun to hip fire it shots, hollow point for delieveing more damage when you go for headshots and this will be usefull for taking down the boss zombie, brute in zombies in spaceland, lasty go for auto sear that will make the kendal an automatic pisol, I’d say go for akimbo but the problem is when you pack a punch you’re only going to have one pistol which is like the dumbest idea ever, maybe they’ll patch it the future, & the only way to have akimbo is by doing the easter egg & that will let you double pack a punch your starting room pistol.

I will leave a super short, straight to the point easter egg guide in teh description which you guys can check out after this video. Now for the perks, the main one you need is the bombstoppers aka phd flopper which will let you shoot the gun without recieving explosive damage and this is why this gun rocks, it’s the starting room pistol for which you don’t have to do anything special to accquire, you have it right off the bat. And once you pack a punch, you have like mine rpg and all these attachments, such as rifled barrel and hollow point will give you more damage, extended mags will definitely give you more ammo and laser sight is really whaddup, and for this stratgey it works really dayum good you literraly don’t have to aim down sights, you cn fire it from the hip, and auto sear will allow you fire consistently and bombstoppers will make sure you don’t get any explosive damage baby. Also stamina up and racing stripes is also a good combo, and of course you wanna have juggernog aka tuff nuff and shieet like that.

Moving up, now I really want you guys to comment by letting me know you’d pick the starting pistol or one of the upcoming guns. Let me know in the comments, but to be honest you can have two guns normally and in my opinion this is a really solid combo especially as a non wonder weapon. So next up we have is the big boii mauler, it is a monster, you only get this out of the mysterty box ake mystery wheel, now of course it has high damage, range, firing rate, shieeet like that that’s why I have it on this list, but the thing I really love about this and I just genuinely wanna thank Infinity Ward for this.

If you guys have played bo1, bo2 and bo3 zombies, you know back in black ops 1 and black ops 2 zombies the lmgs didn’t slowed you down when you were shooting them and lmgs were definitely the best guns in those games, like rpk, hk, hamer, and the rpd, just ummhh soo soo good right. And we didn’t had any pack a punch abilities like we do in the black ops 3 zombies, of course dingo was really really good, but lmgs slowed you down in black ops 3 zombies. But in infinite warfare zombies, I just feel like like playing black ops 1 zombies again, this reminds of the hk21 or 25, I don’t know, but it is definitely an improved version of that now perks that works best for this are speed cola aka quickies, you definitely need them to reload faster, stamina up aka racin stripes and this will allow you to move and run faster and it is just really really good, you can hip fire this lmg while running and shieeet, double tap aka bang bangs, now that is the equivalent of the original double tap from black ops 1, it will only increase the firing rate, but hey I haven’t tested this perk enough to the point where I know if it increase the damage or not, but if you guys are familiar with double tap 2, what it does is that when you shoot 1 bullet, it will count that you fired 1 bullet but will come out as two rounds fired which means it delievers double damage but bang bang doesn’t do that and it gives your gun high firing rate and maybe you get more damage who knows right.

So if you don’t want bang bang and you feel like you burn ammo real fast then get blue blast I guess that’s what it’s called it’s the equivalent of having electric cherry. And of course juggernog and quick revive if you are playing solo. This lmg is still really good even on round 25 which is considered a high round in iw zombies because rounds are very slow and they are even slower with more people in your game. For attachements, once again get extended mags, rifled barrel, hollow point, laser and quick draw or grip. In short this is the best gun in the game, we also have titan which I’d would recommend using for sure if you get it first out of the box and you can even use this and the mauler all together. And you don’t have to mix up perks, like getting bombstoppers because that’s only good with the starting pistol packed and fortunately you can return perks, you don’t have to go down or anything like that.

So let me know in the comments, would you go with mauler or kendal and if you have enjoyed the video give it a like, share with your friend and subcribe for more daily videos..

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