Ladies and gentleman what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m bringing you guys another video and today what I have for you guys is 5 best guns to use in Infinite Warfare multiplayer. It is still too early to do a top 5 video and I wanted to give you guys a video about the best gun in Infinite Warfare, but that is not how we do, I know everyone has different playstyles, so I decided to bring you guys 5 guns in no partocular order for Infinite Warfare multiplayer.

Definitely let me know in the comments below what is your favorite gun so far in the game after watching the video. And if you do enjoy the video, you’ll enjoy the video, you don’t have to like and subscribe, but we’re on the road to 60,000 subscribers and we do daily videos and livestreams, so every little thing like that helps out and it is highly apreciated, so make to barra bim barra boom that and let’s get right into it, now the first gun that we’re going to take a look at is KBar, it’s an assault rifle that kinda feels like an smg, definitely feels to me like it’s a hybrid weapon, and is effective for both close and long range, you can definitely attach the long barrel which is called rifled barrel in Infinite Warfare to give your weapon more damage over long range and quick draw & dextrity will just make you fly I feel like quick draw and dextrity perk is a must have typa thing because these two things allows you to aim faster, reload faster everything like that and of course the faster you’re able to lock on to your targets the more gun fights you’re going to win and this game is a little bit challenging and I made a video yesterday about how to get better at the game, definitely check that video out after this one.

Now the second gun I have is the karma 45 aka the vector, it’s a smg with high firing rate, kills enemies super super fast at close range but do struggle at long ranges, so defiitely long barrel, quick draw and even grip can help you to maintain accuracy. Overall a solid and fun gun to use and it unlocks super early, I’m not even sure if it’s already unlocked in the game when you start up or not, I feel like it is, but not totally sure. The next gun we have is the fhr 40 aka the p90 I wish the iron sights were like the oiginal p90 but they are pretty good it’s like having red dot sight .5 without having it, so yeah papa bles.

This gun is a beast, and it’s the one with which you can even sometimes use it only for hip firing of course at close range dont try at long range, I repeat dont hip fire for killing someone at long range. Quick draw and dexterity once again are gonna be your best option, grip, extend mags and laser sight can definitely help you out depending on your playstyle and map. It holds a good size mag and the firing rate on this is just bananas. I personally like the gun, don’t know why I don’t amazing with it, I do pretty ok, but I know if you master this gun, you can definitely rekt some shiiieeeet. The fourth gun is NV4, definitely is like the m4a1 and it is so god damn good, of course it’s an assualt rifle that is all about medium to long range, still is effective for close range, but you’ll definitely have a good time with this killing enemies at long ranges.

It has damage and range & decent firing rate, I wish we had a rapid fire attachment for assault rifles, maybe we’ll have in full game, but I don’t think so for assault rifles that is gonna be the case. Now the fifth gun I have on the list is Erad which everyone considering as the best gun in the gun as of now, and the reason for that is it’s an energy gun that actually prints ammo and takes it from your reserve when needed without you actually reloading and that is not the best part. The best part is if you attach fusion mag, it will print ammo for you a lot faster and it won’t take it from your reserve. And the thing is Erad is an unlocked gun and unlocking fusion mag is not really a long process, simply play one match of domination, cap flags and kill some enemies with the game and boom you’ll unlock that. Definitely let me know in the comments below what is your favorite gun so far in the game and if you’ve enjoyed the video give it a like and subscribe for daily videos and yeah guys that is really about it.

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