Ladies and gentelemen what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m bringing you guys a lowkey top 5 best wall guns & weapons for zombies in spaceland, what I originally thought was I’ll show you one or two best wall guns, but I ended up finding 5 guns that are easy to access and are the best in terms of making points and killing zombies, now the whole point of wall guns is that you wanna make points fast, kill zombies, and hit the mysterybox which is called the magic wheel in infinite warfare zombies. And of course you don’t wanna hit up the magic wheel right off the bat, you wanna get jugg first and open necessary doors. And for this, we’re gonna see what guns do we have after we open certain doors and we’re gonna see the how much it will cost us after we open doors and buy the weapon itself.

Now real quick if you guys could do me a huge favor, be sure to slap a like and subcribe if you are new to the channel, we do daily videos and daily livestreams, and we’re close to 60 000 subscribers and every little bit helps out tremondously. Now starting off, I’d recommend getting the pistol for 500 points and just going completely in for the points, kill zombies, stay in the starting room for couple of rounds maybe till round 4 and you wanna open the first door which will cost you 750 points, and here you will only going to find the dayum banshee which is a shotgun that will cost you 750 points, so in total you’re going to be spending 1500 points, and the banshee is good for killing zombies, but not for making points, and speaking of points whoring Erad is next on the list, so you have open the starting area, which cost you 750 points, this next door will cost you 1000 points and the gun itself will cost you another 1250 points, so in total you’re going to be spending 3000 points, and this gun is basically the vesper from black ops 3 with a lil less firing rate and magazine size, you got 20 in mag and 160 in reserve.

And this gun is bananas for making a ton of points, Erad also spawns on the other side as well and it is very easy to access and you can refill ammo for 625 points everytime, moving up in polar peak area the door will cost 1000 points once again and then gun will also going to cost you 1250 in totall with spawn door, you will be paying 3000 points, so the cost is the same as the Erad, and this gun has f tons of ammo comapre to the erad not only in the mag, but in total you got 270 ammo, it has high firing rate and damage compare to the erad, so this is definitely the best option, if we put the erad & rpr evo side by side, the only problem is, the spawn of this gun is not that great compare to erad, but if you don’t care about the spawn and none like that definitely get the rpr it’s worth more for your buck, moving on with our list, the next gun is in the arcade room, so you’re gonna be paying 750 for spawn, 1000, and 1250 for the arcade room and for the gun itself 1500, & in total 4500 points, and I have to say nv4 is definitely a good choice, you got 300 ammo in total, it has super high damage, and good firing rate and it is bananas when you go for headhots in full hoard of zombies and it is good on high rounds as well, but nothing beats ma upcoming boiii, so you open starting area for 750 points, another one for 1000, & another one for 1500, and you will see ma boi volk for another 1500 points and in total you will be paying 4750 points, now good about this is that, the spawn for this near jugg, so of course you’re going to be opening all these doors and you will volk which is like the kn44 from black ops 3, it got 270 ammo in total and it is suppa hot fire for delieviring damage and shieet like that.

Now I’d say get the Erad and starting making points with it, get jugg and this in your secondary gun and go hit the magic wheel once you are set with points. If you guys enjoyed the video, give it a like and subcribe for more and definitely check out my first playthrough of this map..

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