What’s up YouTube, Varnesh here, and today I want to talk about something that one of my commentors noticed on my “Get More Headshots” video, which I’ll link up here and in the description. But Kai-tan, and I’m sorry if I’m saying this wrong, said “have you tried some hardcore with hollow point?” Now, when you’re trying to get head shots, this is mostly for Assault Rifles and probably LMG’s as well. Because when you’re trying to go for Gold and Diamond camo, there’s requirements to get head shots. And if you’re playing in core game modes it’s going to take more of your clip, you know, anywhere from 3 to 4 to even 5 shots if you’re using the Type-2, to get head shots with these Assault Rifles.

Now the thing with hardcore is that there are systems in place that you know, remove your mini-map, you know they lower your health, and make it easier to get kills. And, part of it is getting one shot kills with many Assault, many weapons period, but even Assault Rifles. So the question remains; is using hollow point in hardcore going to get you more head shots? Or are you just going to get more head shots in hardcore anyways, period.

And the answer is really thing, uhm, with an Assault Rifle it’s a one shot kill. So it’s not really going to matter if you’re using hollow point in hardcore. You’re still going to get the kill, you’re still going to get the head shot. I still find that I get more head shots in hardcore, because of the one shot kill. You know I don’t have to make sure that I’m controlling the recoil and my aim is impeccable right in their noggin’ and I’m not shootin’ their dick or anything like that. But, you know I can mount a window and hip fire a guy and get a head shot. You know, on average get anywhere from to 2 times more head shots when I am using hollow point. So I would say if you’re comfortable in hardcore and you’re looking to get more head shots to complete your camos to get Gold camos for your weapons. Try hardcore. Give it a shot. Don’t bother using hollow point on your weapon. Use it for something else.

You can put a laser sight on there, put rifled barrel on there, something like that is going to give you more chance of getting kills in hardcore than using the hollow point. So that’s my suggestion and my experience from testing this out in a couple games and the one that you’re seeing on screen here for Kai-tan to make sure that I was at least somewhat knowledgable. I’ve never played hardcore in Call of Duty before Infinite Warfare. So it was new and different to me. And I actually really enjoyed it. I’ve played a couple more games in hardcore and I, like I said, I find that I get more head shots in hardcore than I do in core playlists.

So give it a shot! And while you’re at it, why don’t you give this video a thumbs up. If you like this information make sure to subscribe to the channel, and stay up to date with all my newest videos coming out. Until next time!.

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