Hey everybody what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m bringing you guys the full & easy Rave in the Redwoods easter egg guide. This is going to be DLC 1 Rave in the Redwoods solo and co op main easter egg guide. All of the easter eggs steps are the same wheter you play solo or with two players, three players or with 4 players, but there a little bit more you have to do, in terms of interacting with stuff.

Every player has to interact. Now before we get into the video, I am giving away some dlc 1 map pack, if you wanna enter in the giveaway, go ahead and leave a like and a comment saying your console of choice and of course make sure you are subscribed. This easter egg is much easier with 2 players, but I found the boss fight is really hard with 4 players. So if you guys wanna party up, definitely leave your psns, gamertags & steam ids in the comments below and definitely let everyone know what is the hardest step in this easter egg for you and interact with other comments that seem to be a good match for you.

Now starting off, of course you wanna make sure the power is turned on and you got all the three boat parts and you got one of the crossbow upgraded. I will have all of these tutorials linked down in the description below, they are fully in depth. But, just to refresh your memory, the power is in the mine, and there are three parts for the boat. And the locations for them are spawn near jugg, in the mess hall and the last one is in the recreation area.

To get the bow, you need the sausage and you wanna throw that at the deer head, then shoot it and get the symbol and you have to do this again in mess hall and in the cabins when you’re in rave mode. And of course, you need to get the totem statue and you need to get them charged up with kills by placing them on the speakers. And after that, place them near a real statue and get kills with the crossbow. Once you are done, it’s time to start the easter egg. Now the first step is to go to the turtle island by using the boat and you wanna talk with kevin, and you wanna return back to recreation are and behind this big statue, there will be a photo that you need to gra.

It’ll be in a pretty bad situation, you need to actually get it cleansed by doing a ritual and you wanna head over to this fire place, where the tree is knocked down. And you will see an option to put your item down, after doing that some hands will come out and you will be in the rave mode. And now you need to get some arm kills and there will be a time limit, if you don’t do this fast enough, you will loose one of your perk. And in this first ritual you need to get arms kills. After you get enough kills, you will see a blue orb, grab it and now a slasher will appear. If you don’t kill him fast enough, you will have to restart. So definitely use your upgraded bow on him. After succesfully killing the slasher, you will see another blue orb and you need to grab it and go back to the docks, take the boat and go to the turtle island and you wanna talk to kevin again.

And right after that return back and go to spawn, on top floor near jugg and pick up another photo and take the zipline to head down to recreation area and you will have to do another ritual. This time you may need to get leg kills, or grenade kills. This step is definitely easier and faster to do with more players. After getting enough kills, grab the blue orb and a slasher will spawn in. Use your bow on him to kill him. Just know he charge pretty fast, so always try to go in circle. Once you kill him, you’ll be able to pick another orb and you have to again go talk to kevin. This will be the last time, simply go back after talking to him and go under the spawn room in the power room and grab the skull.

You are about to the last ritual which will be on the beach. This time you will need to get headshots. And it will be the same procees, you get kills and the souls will charge it up, you pick up the blue orb and a slasher will spawn in, you kill him and another blue orb spawn in and you need to grab it and this time once you grab it, you need to go in the power room and depending on how many players you’re playing with, you would need to hold square or x on one of these lights. If you’re playing solo, then you need to do it once on one light only. 2 players have to hold square or x on two lights at the same time, 3 players on three lights at the same time and 4 players on 4 lights at the same time.

After that you will hear a sound and that means now you are ready for the boss fight, go to the docks and take the boat and you’ll see kevin is in there and mid way through he will fell in water and he will be the boss you need to fight. Make sure you got good perks, like jugg, bombstoppers, quickies, bang bangs, quick revive if you are playing solo and perk insured or hide and seek as your fate and fortune cards to make the boss fight easier.

For the guns, volk is great and you need to have an upgraded bow. And you always wanna use your bow. Now first of all you will need to kill zombies around these blue orbs to fill them up, in solo there will be two souls circles with more players there will be more. Once you fill them up, the boss will come down and you will see the ritual circle on his body and that will indicate that that’s where you will need to shoot at.

Once you deliver enough damage he will go back on the house and will spawn in some fire and skeleton zombies and you need to go inside one of the green circles, but keep in mind, the skeleton zombies will come towards you and they deliver really high damage, definitely use your bow to kill them. You will then neeed to again fill up these souls circles by killing zombies and this time the boss will spawn in some walls to make it hard for you to go around the map and just know depending on many players you are playing with you will need more soul circle to fill up and there is time limit, after certain time, one soul circle will descent and you need re work on it. So make sure all of them stay up at the same time, once you do this, you will again have to shoot where you see the ritual symbol and again you would have to do the same thing one last time.

And you will be able to full beat him and complete this easter egg. If you found this helpfull, please leave a thumbs up and subscribe for more and I’ll catch you guys very soon..

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