Ladies and gentlemen what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m bringing you guys a full main easter egg guide for Zombies in Spaceland. This tutorial will work for you wheter you wanna play solo or co op with 2 players, 3 players or even with 4 players but with more players, more aliens are going to be in the boss fight & each player would have to kill one which is going to be really really hard, for now playing solo is the best way to do the easter egg but all the steps are the same wheter you wanna play solo or co op and Infinity Ward may patch it and we may see only one alien in the boss fight in the future no matter how many players we play the game with but for now that’s how it is, so real quick I just wanna get this out of the way first if you wanna try this easter egg with someone, go ahead leave your psn or gametags in the comments below with a lil description of you like wheter you have a mic or not and what step is hard for you, but I’d highly highly appreciate it if you guys drop a like on the video, been working on this video for days now, & currently recording this at 3 in morning, so I’d highly appreciate a like on the video and definitely subcribe if you are new for daily videos and livestreams, but starting off with the loadout this is very very important, make sure you equip extended mag on your starting room pistol and equip this attachment for any other gun that you might have unlocked it for and also equip the following fate and fortune cards I’m going to tell you basically they work like gobble gums, I made a whole separate video about ’em and I will link it in the description below.

So you really wanna have perk insured that will be useful in the boss fight if you ever go down you can have your perks back, raining bullets which will spawn you an infinite ammo power up, restored losses which will give you a bullet back everytime your shot doesn’t kill and it is really really usefull with starting room pistol and all the ammos card which will give you a max ammo and all these cards are gonna help you out with seti com definiding and things like that and for the fifth slot you can have anything you want, maybe get nukes or insta kills and stuff like that.

Now jumping on in our game, the step one for the easter egg is going to be you finding all three parts for the seticom and for each part there are 3 different locations, so in total we got 9 different locations and I will have them all running in the background, so first part will be the boombox which can spawn in the starting room or in keplar on the counter, or near racing stripes which is an underground area.

Next part will be the umbrella which could spawn in the middle of the park outside the spawn on this bench, or in polar peak area in the gift shop, or in journey to space area, near jugg in this dark corner near the rocket. And the last part is the calculator, which could spawn in on this yellow bench in the center of the park which is outside the spawn, or in the arcade room over on this blue rubbish bin or it could either be on this yellow bench in kepler around the chronosphere trap.

After you got all the parts, make sure you teleport to the pack a punch cause sometimes the step number 2 won’t work, you stil would have to teleport to the pack a punch regardless for pack a punching and working on getting the wonder weapons & shieet like that, I’ll include a rapid fire 2 mins tutorial for opening up pack a punch in the description, so go around this urn and hold square to release all the ufo’s and if you have enough points go ahead and pack a punch your starting room pistol. Now real quick for your setup make sure you get quick revive if you’re playing solo, and jugg, bombstoppers aka phd, quickies aka speed cola and racing stripes aka stamina up, for your guns, get the starting pistol packed and get arcane core on it and work on getting the shredder which is very easy to get and is really effective during the boss fight.

You can also work on dischord, but get it once you are about to begin the boss fight, I’ll have separate tutorials for them in the discription. So that’s going to be our full full loadout, I’m just letting you know so you can start working on that stuff early as possible. And the step 2 will be for you to give all three seticom parts you collected to Dj hasstlehof, he either be in kepler, journey or polar peak. Simply talk with him and end the and you will shirtly see the ufo blinking and your screen will shake go back to the dj and get the seticom back. Now before we move on this step, I wanna put picture up on the screen, these are the combinations for getting what you wnat with souvenir coins, and I want you guys to work on getting the boom box and sentry gun which will be usefull for this step, and this step is basically you definding seti com and you have to do it three times, and you can only do once per round, the first one will last 60 seconds, second one will last 90 seconds, and the last one will last full 2 mins and you have to defend it.

Now basicaly there are couple of locations you can defend the seticom whihc are completely random, so I’m gonna go over with you guys for each & everyone, now the first one could be near phd aka bombstopers in keplar, the second one could be outside polar peak, next one can be in polar peak gift shop, the forth one could be outside the gift shop in this open area near bang band which is probably the hardest area to defend the seti com because zombies are gonna come from everywhere, the next one is gonna be here in journey and the last of is gonna here in the bumber karts area, now where ever your control & screen start shaking that’s where you need to put on the seti com and defend it for 60 seconds, make sure you do it when you have full ammo in your pistol and you get quick, jugg, phd, and speed cola aka quickies.

The first one you’ll get done with with no problems, if you fail however you’ll brute to spawn in and you have to go back to the dj to get your seticom back and you can defend instantly right back where you failed, if you succeed you’ll get a max ammo, moving up you have to wait one more round and this time you have defend for 90 seconds and make sure you can use one of your card if you need to use the max ammo or restored losses card only if you need to, for the last one, throw your boombox, I’ll have the combination for you up on the screen once again for how to make it, throw the boombox and as soon at it blows up use your infinite ammo card and go ham on zombies, once the card finished you should ennough ammo to defend and at the end you’ll get a max ammo.

Simply go over to the dj and talk with him once and now you have to wait around 2 rounds till you get the speakers, while you are waiting, work on the dischord and the shredder, after two rounds you’ll get the speakers and you have to place each one on these four circles and after you place just play the tone once and it will start the simeon says game, if you are playing co-op you have to do this in ascending order, you have to listen to the note of the speaker and you have to play the tone from low sound to high sound in order and that will show you four different colors red, blue, green and yellow, once you see them quickly note em down they won’t change, make a circle on your paper like this if you need and mark the locations and put the color that you see. If you are playing solo you can pause it, if you’re playing co-op well you have to be quick to note ’em down.

So once you got these colors down and you know what color is for what area, unpause and now you have to see what color the ufo is showing to you, note those colors that ufo is showing you in order and see what color you have to click on, now speaker are going to have white color and you click them in with the right order for example spawn was red and you saw the ufo show you the red color first that means you have to start from spawn, once you sucessfully complete it, you have to do this two more times, in total there will be three time the ufo will show you random colors to put on. If you fail, you’ll get a brute to spawn and you have to re put the colors. If you put the right order three times, but wasn’t quick to put the last one, don’t worry and don’t do anything wait till the ufo tells you again and wait for the sound to finish to put the order again.

After putting it three times you’re going to get a clown round, just basically kill them till you see the alien now you are officially in the boss fight, things to keep in mind, you’ll have infinite ammount of zombies, so try not to killing them, try to just train and do full circle from spawn to pap portal, make sure you have boombox, a perk insured card activated and wonder weapons out, this alien will have a neklace around his neck that will indicate his health, it will be green meaning his health is full, yellow means 50 % and red means he is about to be on his knees. Now you have to shoot him enough so his health necklace is showing red light, continously shoot, once he goes down and is on his knees wait till the bubble to disappear and go on to him and knife his backpack to take one of his fuse, there are two in total.

Once you do this, you have to do it agian, and take his second fuse, now try to not rush things, if you ever need to throw a boombox and knife him, you only need to knife his back pack twice and then all you need to do is shoot him till he die. And he will be teleporting to different areas and stuff, let him do his mumbo jumbo try to never break your training. Shoot him when ever you can and you’ll be good. After he dies, he will drop a fuse, you have to put in pap room for the final step and this will also allow you to double pack a punch, leave the pap room right after that and then you wanna shoot these circles with one of the wonder weapon you got, leave one only and wait till the ufo to be in the very middle, as soon as it is.

Shoot the last one, and the surge of electricity will destroy the ufo and boom you have now solved the easter egg. A super quick straight up quide, hopefully it helps if it did, give a like, share with your friends and subscribe for more..

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