Ladies and gentlemen what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m bringing you guys a part 2 of how to rank up fast in infinite warfare zombies. Now I’ve done a part 1 where I explained everyting about how the ranking up system works, and what you can do to level up fast in iw zombies, things like that. So definitely check out part 1 before or after watching this video, I will link it down in the description as well a card should pop up by the end of this video. But I got a really cool new method for you in this video that I haven’t talked about in the previous one that will rank you up super super fast in zombies and it is crazy how fast this thing can actually level you up.

I’m currently sitting at rank 41 and I haven’t played that much, I haven’t done the easter egg yet so you what I’m saying baby and on rank 40 you basically unlock all the guns & fate and fortune cards in the game and tbh all the cards looks the god dayum same to me, 1 in the comments if it does look the same to you, but dayum it we’re getting off topic so let’s get right into it.

Now first of all I tested the axe method which works btw but I don’t recommend it because your gonna be jumping off of your seats like there’s no tomorrow, basically even if you have slappy tuffy or whatever taffy that it is, I don’t know man I just give up right here for the perks name. But when you don’t have that perk and you got axe even on round 15 it’s not going to be one hit kill, and basically melleing zombies gives you more xp and I know a lot of people are trying to do this, I’d say you’re just going to rack up some xp and then you’ll be disappointed because you’ll die or meleing will be ineffctive.

Cause after round 20 that’s when you get maximum round bonus xp, and a lot of zombies will be spawning in, that’s when I highly recommend you to grind for xp, cause that’s when you’ll get the chance to get shieeet loads of xp and points, and you need points in the game to make this strategy useful. Now the simple formula you wanna try out here is that, once you get set with the guns you want, perks you want, and you are ready to go for high rounds which will also get you ranked up like I said, but once you’re chilling you wanna try this out, make sure you have pack a punch open, if you need a rapid fire 2 mins guide for opening up pack a punch, I’ll have a link in the description. Now all you wanna do here is pack a punching your guns, it’ll give you 500xp, now the best way to do I find here is purchasing oni and ma neighbour banshee and both of them cost 750 points and pack a punching a gun will cost you 500 points, now I know what you’re thinking but skizzle the god dayuum starting room guns only cost 500 dog, I know, but the thing is I ain’t got time and trust you’ll say the same once you start pack a punching shieet lots of guns, so when you get oni, definitely go ham, make tons of points and pack a punch it, make points, buy the banshee, pack a punch it and get the oni back, make points pack a punch it, da da da you get the idea, now if you got a gun and a wonder weapon you don’t want to get rid of or you wanna speed up the process, get mule kick aka mule muchies to make this extra fly and trust me this is mega fy on double xp days, but definitely check out part 1 for more xp info, and smash that like button and subscribe by smash that bell for more videos.

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