Ladies and gentlemen what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m bringing you guys a full explanination of ranking up system and how to rank up fast guide for Infinite Warfare zombies, now it is not as complex as many of you think, like in multiplayer there are a lot of gamemodes that gives you xp differently, but in zombies it’s based on how you play the game and knowing how the ranking up system works, it may change in the future if Infinity Ward adds more new gamemodes that gives you xp differently and more xp in zombies and I will surely update you guys on the channel, so definitely subscribe if you are new, we’re on the road to 60 000 subscribers and definitely smash that like button for this child right here it is highly appreciated and helps out the channel tremondously, so last night I played a lot of games to test out some things due to the reason you can’t see how many xp your left to level up, Infinity Ward was probably busy wanking off but I mean yeah you can’t see how much xp left before ranking up to the next level unless you leave your game or check somewhere in combat records.

So I decided to try out bunch of combinations, like getting only one melee kill and backing out, getting one headshot kill with a gun and backing out, a normal kill with the gun and backing out, getting perk and backing out and hell I even tried meleing and shooting the ballons and backing out, and what I found is melee kill will give you 100 xp, headshot will give you 75 xp and normal kill wil give you 50 xp, it is the same as black ops 3 zombies, but they are not showing the progression in game when you pause it, so I had to test it by getting one kill and backing out absolutely ridiclous is what I said after I found it is the same as BO3 zombies and IW didn’t bother to add the progressing system when you pause your game.

You get no xp for buying perks, but however there are challenges like for example you buy perks 50 times it’ll give you additional xp. Buying doors will give you 250 xp but if you donate to the door in co op it will only give you 75 xp, every round you survive it will give you +50xp, for example, surviving round 1, you get 50 xp, round 2, 100, round 3 150, so on and so forth and after round 20 you plateau with 1000 xp, which means every round you survive after 20 you will get 1000 xp which is the same for black ops 3 zombies, now that is the ranking up sytstem, that’s how it works.

Now the ways to rank up fast, there isn’t any really at this moment it’s all about you knowing how the ranking up sytem works which you know by now and you playing accordingly. But I got couple of tips regardless, so here we go. Now we all know meleing will give us more xp, and knowing how tidious the meleing system is in this game, I definitely don’t recommend you knifing after round 2, unless you really wanna try, go for couple shoots on the zombie legs depending on what round you’re on and killing zombies by meleeing at the end. But your absolute best solution would be to getting the full hoard of zombies and going for headshots only.

You can train in this area where the Erad is and volk is also nearby so you can always refill ammo and you’re goal should be to open all the doors of the map and pass round 20. After you pass round 20, it’ll be a slow grind, so I’d recommend whenever you feel like the rounds are going slow, don’t back out because that’s when you’ll have more zombies coming in and more round you’ll be able to survive thus gaining more xp. Like in black ops 3 zombies you could’ve xp whore by playing soe, shooting the shadows man and getting to round 15, and that will give 15000 and with them you can open the whole map and get easy xp, but I guess they patched it now and there isn’t anything like that in IW zombies.

You can also do the challenges in game when the robot tells you to it will give you additional xp, but it is not worth it cause it’s only 100 and sometimes the challenges are very tidious, so only do them when they are easy af, also it will give you additional tickets so it’s cool for doing them if you wanna get tickets. And also there are other challenges, you can check ’em out, but in zombies all these challenges you’re gonna be able to do naturally, but take a look at ’em, it’s gonna be like for example get 100 kills with smgs, 100 kills with lmgs, buy pers 100 times and things like that. And also there are challenges aka calling cards for levels and by looking at that it suggests that level 220 is the max rank in zombies. So this is the full guide, there isn’t anything more to it at this moment unfortuantely, but if it was clear for you, give it a like and subcribe for more and also check out my very first plathrough of zombies in spaceland. Guys I’ll be playing a lil clip of my first playthrough here if you wanna stick around or you can watch it by clicking on the card or the link in the description.

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