Hey everybody what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m bringing you guys a full tutorial on how to do the Shaolin Shuffle easter egg in Infinite Warfare zombies. This is going to work wheter you wanna play solo, or with 2 players, 3 players or 4 players. It does not matter, this is going to be a full full easter egg tutorial guide for Shaolin Shuffle, and I’ll be showing you guys all the spawn locations, steps and everything like that. Now if you are someone that is looking to team up for this easter egg go ahead and drop your psn, gamertags or steam ids in the comments below with a lil summary like if you have a mic or not & what step is hard for you and reply to each other in the comments and go from there.

Now before we get started. I would really really apprecaite it if you guys could take 2 second to drop a like on the video as there’s a lot of time went into recording the gameplay, editing and making sure everything is correct and do consider subscribing to the channel we do daily videos and livestreams. Now let’s get this started. Now the first thing you wanna do is turn on the power for the whole map, I have an uncut video showing you how you can turn on the power, and I take you from the spawn and it’s an uncut and non sped up version on how to turn on power in the map, I will link it down below if you need it.

But go ahead turn on the power, get yourself some points, juggernog and be on round 5 and now the first easter egg step is to basically come up to the dojo on round 5 and talk to the sensie and grab one of the fighting style you like and start completeing challenges for it. We need to use the shuriken on the rat cages around the map, so get 15 kills and complete the first challenge which is really really easy and get your self to the next rank and unlock the shuriken. Once you’ve done it, talk to pam, make sure it’s round 5 or talk after round 5 and now the rat cages will spawn around the map. Now find yourself one rat cage, there are couple of them, whichever one you find first go from there, throw a shuriken on the cage and follow the rat, you need to repeat that 5 times, once you complete it there will be a yellow circle that will spawn on the map telling you you have done the second step.

And now you basically need to stay in the yellow circle and get some kills, it works just like the soul jar, just get some kills, maybe even use your fighting ability to go further into the rank and it will be much easier and faster for you to do this step. Once the yellow circle disappear, that means you have done it and now you need to go and talk to pam and simply go back to where you were trying to get kills in the yellow circle, go back there and there should be a key drop, simply pick it up. And go to the subway where the train comes every now and then and you wanna unclock this locker with the key that you just obtained.

It’s the second subway outside the night club. And now once you open the locker, there will be some chinese symbols that you need to shoot in order, I will have a gameplay running in the background in order and when you shoot it you will hear a gong sound meaning you are doing it correctly. Now the first one is going to be outside spawn to the right of the Dojo up there, simply shoot the left symbol and it will make a sound and make your way back and go to the disco and there will be a second one and it will be in the bathroom of the disco, shoot the second symbol out of the four. Next one will be very close just outside the disco and it will be near lion statue next to Deadeye Dewdrops perk and you need to shoot the first and second symbol.

It will have a close picture on the screen that was upload on cod zombies reddit, it’s close shoot of the symbols that you need to shoot. After that make your way to the dojo and just outside you’ll see a logo on the floor, it will only spawn in if you have done the last step correctly, so definitely pick it up and you will see a rat king boss spawn in. And this is going to be like a mini boss fight and the first time he actually spawn in and mae sure you have one last zombie alive and make your way in to this giant room where you can easily train and from what I’ve been hearing, and it’s my personal experience the starting pistol pack a punch won’t do you any good in order to kill the boss although just have it in order to clear your path, but have second gun, something really good, maybe the mauler, pack a punch it.

I will have a pack a punch and double pack a punch tutorial in description. So go ahead and get yourself a nice gun, pack a punch it and always for his head and take that son of a gun down. He will take a lot of bullets and mauler is definitely prefered along with bang bangs. So once you kill him, you don’t actually kill him, but you temporarily kill him. He will drop a eye ball, go ahead and pick that up and just make your way to the dojo and talk to pam and now we need to find some symbols. I will have a gameplay running in the background, showing you each and everyone one of the location. You need to find 6 orange Rat King symbols around the map. There are 6 symbols you need to shoot and there 13 different loaction. You need to press L1 to use the eye that you just picked up to reveal a symbol near you.

And there are 13 different locations, so shoot the symbol when you see it. Only 1 symbol will spawn at a time and these can spawn in any order which can be a lil frustrating knowing there are 13 different locations you need to go to in order to find one, but I will be showing you each and everyone in the gameplay, there are all around the map. And once you find a symbol, it’s going to be an orange one, shoot it and you need to go again and search all the 13 different locations to find your second one, and then you need to repeat that 4 more times, in total 6 times because there are 6 symbols.

It can be a lil frustarting if you do not know all the locations well, but once you go through all of them once or twice it will be a lil easy and you can repeat the same pattern as you just need to go straight because each and every possible spawn location intertwines with each other. And agian I will have a gameplay running in background, me aiming exactly where the symbol can be, and I find going from dojo to the disco rooftop is a best pattern to follow. Now once you pick all of the symbols up a phone will start ringing and it will play a morse code message. You can listen to it how many times you want to, so definitely do. And basically it will a have long beep sound and very short and quick beep sound. Like long ones are going to be dashes and short ones are going to be dots, it’s gonna go something like that and everygame it will change. And it will be something like this tun tun tt tt tt tt tun = dash dash dot dot dot dot dash.

Now each game it will change, but it will only play 1 out of 6 different morse code and the morse code is going to be one of these numbers. So basically every first number for these morse code is different except for the number 4, there is 420 and 407, so what we’re gonna do is listen to the phone and translate that using this morse code translator right here, it makes it so so easy, so what ever your first sound is, again it will be something like dash dash doot dot dot, check what the first beeps are, write ’em down in form of dashes and dots and translate that using this and whatever your first number is, it’s going to tell you the full morse code, you can double check everything if you get the number 4, but once you get the first number correct you will be good to go.

If you have any problems, definitely let me know in the comment. Now it’s gonna be 1 morse code out of these codes and what ever number you got, you need to find a summer poster for it and that morse code will be written beneath the poster and and I will show you all the poster locations, there are 6 different locations, all poster will spawn on the exact location I’m going to show you but the number on the poster will randomly spawn every single game you’re going to play. Now the first poster can spawn in the spawn, the next one outside dojo, the next one will be on the roof of heebie geebies, basically folow me along and go from spawn as all the posters spawn in in kinda like circle around the map.

The next one is going to be near bombstopers aka phd flopper right here, the next one will be on the rooftop where quickies are aka speed cola. And the last one is in the subway are outside the disco night club. Now once you see your poster pick it up and if the poster disappears from the wall that means you’ve done it correctly, but however if nothing happens and you already interacted with, that means you failed and you need to repeat the last step of you find the 6 orange symblols and there are 13 different locations for it and each symbol spawns in once at a time. So you cannot fail this step, it’s really frustrating that you have to do that all over if you fail maybe in future this will get patched, but try to not fail. Now once you have the poster come up here on the rooftop where quickies are and place the poster on top of this spotlight and now you need to explode that window, it’s prefered that you got the starting room pistol double packed and also having the mauler or any good wall gun.

So shoot it with the starting room pistols and now there will be ninja zombies that will spawn in, make sure to leave one zombie alive and take all the ninja zombies down and we’re on the next step which is going to be shooting some symbols and making a word, there are couple of words you need to make, for example, nunchuck, rat king, katana and there will be wierd looking symbols all around the rooftop, so make sure you go in circle, take your time to see what symbol actually looks like and use this translator, now not sure who made this, but make sure to ignore the big grey letters in the background. How are you going to follow is that, you need to look at the bottom there are letters for example the first one is “A” and above it shows you a symbol, so if you shoot that symbol on the roof, you are basically starting word that will start with letter a, so definitely try and make nunchuck, katana or rat king.

Preferebly rat king, so go around look for a symbol and look at this picture and look r and the symbol above, find that symbol in game, shoot it and you will have it. If you fail, it’s going to reset. So complete this step and go to the heebie geebies rooftop and you will see a rat symbol and this will start another mini boss fight, simply kill him again and this will give you his brain pick that up and go talk to pam again. And that will start a new step for you, now when you talk to her, there will be a black hole film reel type of stuff that will come up and basically you need to survive about 3 rounds and once you do that you will be teleported back and you will get this type of message saying missing film reel and you will be teleported back outside the dojo and now you need to kill couple more zombies. Make sure you dont touch the fire as it will insta kill you make sure you use your starting pistol packed and have them out right before you get teleported.

Now once you kill couple of zombies, there will be a part that will spawn in that area, go pick that up and you need to put that in subway and fix this thing right here which I do not know what you call it. But put that part in and come up to this area where the bombstoppers are and climb up and you need to shoot this symobol righ here, you do not need to use the rat king eye, it will be there, simply shoot it and that will spawn those yellow soul jars and there are like 5 of them and you need to collect souls by killing zombies and as you do that, go to the next one, you need to just go around the map and find every single one of them and collect souls. You will know when you finish this because you will hear a gong completing sound.

After that make your way into the disco and you will see a zombie dancing and he will have a giant ball on top of him. I heard sometimes it does not spawn, so what you have to do is go up stairs to the records and interact with it and the way this works is that, you need to get at least one zombie on the disco floor. And when you have at least one, shoot the zombie that has this giant ball on top and the zombie will give his ball to the next one and you need to repeat this several different times till you hear the gong completing sound. It’s pretty straight forward, just have to have one zombie on the disco floor, make sure you go in one direction and you will be good to go. And now we are on the last step before the actuall boss, simply make your way outside the disco and you will see another symbol on the floor, interact with it and the rat king will spawn in, kill him again and you will be picking up his heart.

Now we are on the boss fight, whenever you’re ready go talk to pam and go to the giant hall the rat king sewer area which is near jugg. Make sure you are fully full setup, get the reaver off of the wall, that’s like the best gun to kill the boss with and on solo if you ever go down pam will revive you, in co-op she will sometime help revive, so in solo it’s kinda easy but not sure how many time she will actually help revive, so try not to go down.

But definitely try and be full prepared. The boss fight will have 3 phases. And there’s a trap inside as well, so use that every now and then and you will be able to only focus on the boss. Now first of all put as much bullets into him as possible, you simply just want to lower his health till he goes up on the balcony or whatever and you will see three things on the ground which you can interact with in any order you would like. So we have a eye phase, brain phase and the heart phase. So if you start with the eye phase there will be vision pulse that will go out every now and then automatically and you can also use it manually. So when you do that look up and there will be symbols that you need to shoot and clear all of it up, the rat king will regenarare while you are trying to clear it up, so you need to be really fast.

The heart phase is bassically you standing on the four different section on the the green waste and killing at least one zombie, use your shuriken or the starting pistol pack. It’s race against time, so try to be fast and get one kill by going over 4 differnt sections. The brain phase is very simple and easy, you will just need to kill teh yellow eye zombies and shoot the boss whenever you can and there will also be blue eye zombies and those are going to be our allies so try to not kill them they will just go on the brain, so this step can be done.

And after that you just gotta put bullets into to the boss till he dies, wach the cutscene, collect the sould key and you have done the easter egg. All and all it’s an easy easter egg, but is a lil long. BTW you can also get the katana after completeing the easter egg inside the dojo. But thank you guys so much for watching, if you are new to the channel definitely do consider subscribing, leave a thumbs up and all that good shiet and I’ll catch you guys very soon..

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