Ladies and gentlemen what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m coming in super dayum big with another video for you guys and today what I have for you guys is top 5 perks in Infinite Warfare zombies. Coming in at number 5 we have trail blazers, now it’s funny that everyone and their freaking mother asked Treyarch to add banana colada as a perk in Black Ops 3 Zombies and after so long with dlc 3 they gave us a gobble gum called slaughetr slide which was essentially a banana colada but in a form of a gobble gum, but cheeky lads over at Infinity Ward decided to add Banana Colada as a perk with their very first zombie map called “Zombies in Spaceland” under the name of Trail Blazers.

And what it does is that whenever your slide it leaves fire trails behind you that will kill some zombies and depending on what round you’re on it may kill zombies faster or slower, it’s not necessarily a banana colada perk, becuase if it was a real banana colada perk, zombies wouldn’t die but would slip, like we have seen madgaz putting banana colada in his custom zombies map Fabrik der untoten, but Infinity Ward had their own twist which they implemented with a very cool concept of banana colada and then they made trail blazers and added in zombies in spaceland.

It’s a really cool perk and it is our top 5 list. Coming in at number 4, we have racing stripes aka stamina up which has a spawn location in an underground area of zombies in spaceland. Of course it makes you move and run faster, get you out of the sticky situation things like that, but the thing I really love about this perk in IW zombies is that, if you have this perk and you got yourself whatever gun, let’s have lmg for example, whenever you sprint, you can run and gun and nothing will slow you down. If you remember in black ops 3 zombies, when you had dingo and you wanted to only hip fire, it would slow you down, but in infinite warfare zombies only when you aim down sight it’ll slow you down but not when you’re hip firing and with racing stripes equiped, it wont slow you down even when you hip fire while running, absolutely is an amazing perk and I like to have it on with quick revive and jugg all the time. Coming in at our number 3 spot this one is difficult to place, like what I got here and will have on number 2 is a difficult decision, but on number three I got blue blast which an equivalent of electric cherry.

Now electric cherry is my favorite perk of all time ever since it came out with mob of the dead which also happens to be one of my all time favorite zombie map. And blue blast is exactly that, but I feel like they nerfed it quite a lot, it doesn’t feel the same old electric cherry of course it’s not, but still if feels like it needs to be buffed and maybe it will be cause recently Infinity Ward has been updating & patching, so this may come into play. But overall blue blast is an amazing perk just needs a lil buff, all what it does is that when ever you reload, you will release a surge of electricity that will kill zombies around you or will stun them and you’ll have enough time to get out when you’re stuck or about to get stuck. Now coming in at our number 2 spot we have bang bang and it is double tap from black ops 1 zombies, it’ll will increase the firing rate of any gun that you’ll have and it is just soo soo good.

The only thing I haven’t got the chance to test is if it increase weapon damage or not, I would assume it does, but double tap 2 in black ops 2 and black ops 3 zombies was or I should is really dayum good and here how it works. Whenever you shoot 1 bullet, it’ll count that you fired 1 bullet in your ammo count, but I’ll come out of your gun as you fired two bullets, so technically you shoot once and two bullets comes out thus the damage will be doubled. But in Infinite Warfare zombies, it’s not that case, it only increases it’s firing rate, maybe it does increase damage as well, but all I know is when you have rapid fire or bang bang you will kill zombies faster and it does come in our number 2 spot.

Now coming in at our special spot this is the one I want you guys to give an order from 1 to 6 in the comments, basically with every top 5 videos I made after Der Eisendrache came out, I added my own twist to my top 5 videos where you guys can make it fly and put it at number or you can put it at 6 or whatever you feel like, so definitely leave a comment and give my boii bombstoppers aka phd flopper an order from 1 to 6.

In infinite warfare zombies it’s only good with r pg, noob tubes, shieet like that, but with starting pistol it is plain nuts. Now all I’m gonna say here is that they brought it back baby. So definitely give an order from 1 to 6 in the comments. Now finally coming in at our number 1 spot, keep in mind we’re excluding quick and jug cause those are must have perks if you know I”m saying, so at number 1 we have quickies aka speed cola, which helps you reload your guns faster and it is essentiall in my opinion to have while playing zombies, now quickies acts like fast mags from black ops 3 zombies, and not like speed cola, but it still does what we want by the end of the day. It has much more realistic approach to reloading guns fast and I guess that’s what IW wanted with zombies while the name remains infinite warfare, but if you enjoyed the video give it a like rating, subcribe if you are new as well check out my previous video, I has ton of fun recording and editing that video that I’m sure you guys will love it, the only sad part is that it didn’t hit subboxes, so if you’ve missed check it out and that is really about it.

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