What’s up YouTube, Varnesh here, and welcome to the channel. Today I am going to do an overview of the X-Eon Assault Rifle. We’re going to dig into it’s hard coded stats, talk about how it functions in-game, and then we will take a look at all the variants available to us right now and I’ll leave you with some loadout suggestions. Now I know this Assault Rifle is probably deemed “old news” at this point.

But since I had to take some time off I am just now getting to chance to play with these new weapons, so I just wanted to share my thoughts and the hard stats with all of you! Let’s dig right in! Now the X-Eon, which I’ll be calling the Xeon from here on out, is one of the DLC weapons for Infinite Warfare. Now if you’re a season pass holder you’re going to have access to the base variant of this weapon right out of the gate. However, if you’re not, it will be locked and there are a couple ways you can get your hands on this weapon. First up is the challenge; this will require you to complete 15 matches with six unique kills, now these “unique” kills need to be with six different weapons. And as others around the community have pointed out, the best way to accomplish this is by going into Gun Game, and as long as you can muster up six kills with six different weapons, you’ll just need to do that 15 times.

The other way is by unlocking a variant of the Xeon in a Supply Drop. If you can pull a rare, legendary, or epic version of the Xeon out of a Supply Drop then you’ll also unlock the base version of the weapon. Now let’s dig into the stats for the Xeon. If you want more hard stats other than what I’m giving you in the video, check out the description below for the spreadsheet. Otherwise just stick around and I’ll give ya all the important stuff you need to know! First up, and important to note, is that the Xeon is very similar to the NV4 in many ways. Just like the NV4, the Xeon has a Damage range of 30 and 23. This means you’re going to need 4 to 5 shots to kill in any of the core game modes, or 1 to 2 shots in hard core game modes.

This also translates into about .480 to .600ms Time to Kill, which happens to be a bit faster than the NV4. Where things get interesting and the Xeon starts to stray away from the NV4 is in it’s fire rate. Aiming down sights you’re going to get about 714 Rounds per Minute, however, if you’re hip firing then you’re going to see a massive reduction down to 500 rounds per minute. It’s important to note that when it comes to hip firing with the Xeon, it does have the tightest hip fire spread out of any AR in Infinite Warfare, but I am still not convinced, because while I would love to just run around hip firing this weapon every single match, the slower fire rate is a huge trade off for that tight spread. I would still recommend aiming down sights with the Xeon. This too comes at a cost, because the ADS time for the Xeon is about 300ms, which is slower than all the other ARs. Thus the Xeon seems to be a weapon of trade-offs when it comes to how you want to use it. The rest of the stats on the Xeon are pretty standard across the board.

You’re going to start with 30 rounds in a magazine with 60 as backup, for a total of 90 rounds to start when you spawn. You’re movement speed is an Assault Rifle standard at 94% and a reload time of seconds. Because there are some trade offs with this weapon, we can’t quite call it the energy version of the NV4. But you can try your best to get it there with some attachments. First up I’ll mention that the suppression is going to give the Xeon an approximate 25% reduction in range, while on the other hand it will get an approximate 20% range increase from a Particle Amp.

This would be it pretty much in line with being competitive with an NV4. While we are talking about trying to get kills with the Xeon it’s important to note that the headshot multiplier for this weapon is only 1.1x. This means that trying to go for headshots with just the base weapon isn’t going to be worth it, it’s still going to be a 4 to 5 shot kill weapon. However, if you wanted to add a Faraday Slug onto the Xeon, you’re going to get an increase of approximately 1.3x which means you’re turning the Xeon into a weapon that can kill in three shots if you can get one head shot with two body shots. Speaking of getting those body and head shots, the recoil on this weapon is pretty intense compared to other weapons that we have in the same class. Now while the idle sway is pretty minimal you’re going to run into a pretty crazy recoil pattern after your first couple shots. This means the Xeon is really better suited for those close to mid range encounters, and that picking people off cross map becomes harder the farther away you are.

Do keep in mind that even if you equip a grip, it’s only going to reduce your kickback by 7% with the Xeon, so running with a grip is probably pretty unnecessary and that pick 10 slot can be better used for something else. Now for those of you that have been around my channel, I refer to myself as a professional FPS pleb, meaning that I am not a pro player and don’t pretend to be the best as Call of Duty, or any other game for that matter. Watch enough of my videos and you’ll know that I tend to be more of a slower paced player, I don’t rush as hard as other folks, and I don’t tend to run around the walls of the map and prefer less bunny hopping. So remember that my suggestions are based on my playstyle and if you don’t share that same playstyle than my suggestions may need some tweaking based on your own personal preferences and play styles.

That being said let’s take a look at the Variants for the Xeon and then I’ll suggest what I would consider the best variant as well as a typical starting point if you want to build a class setup with this weapon. Keep in mind that all the variants for the Xeon are locked behind Supply Drops, so can’t currently unlock them with salvage, there is also two version of each of these Xeon variants. A base version, as well as a Mark Two version, may the odds be ever in your favor. First up we have the common version, called the EZ, and it comes with Focus. Now focused gives you reduced idle sway while aiming down sights. I took some time to check out the base idle sway of the Xeon, and it’s actually pretty small, similar to the NV4, so this may not be all too handy if you have a choice. For the rare version we have the MCP. The perks on the MCP are On Point and Creeper. On Point speeds up aiming and reduces hip fire accuracy and creeper increases movement speed while crouched. Now On Point seems to be the important one here, because even with reducing the hip fire accuracy, it’s still the most accurate hip fire Assault Rifle in the game, so I feel like the tradeoff is negligible and that On Point would be a great perk for this weapon.

And it’s actually the variant of the weapon I use, and I love it! The legendary version is Farseer, and it gives us the Hitman and Sharpshooter perks. This is my second favorite variant to use because Hitman grants you a large bonus to your payload meter when killing all enemy players, and it has to be a minimum of three. This is great if you’re using payloads that have a longer charge time and you know you can get the kills needed to trigger Hitman. Sharpshooter increase the four shot range of the Xeon and is a solid addition to the weapon.

Finally the epic version of the Xeon is the Warsight. Now in the gameplay you’ve been seeing you can see the pop up Trojan sight that the Xeon has. With the Warsight Variant you’re going to get the Treat Designator perk, which means that integrated optic counters active camp, cold blooded, and hardwired. It also comes with stability which gives the Xeon reduced recoil. Now I don’t know how often you’re really going to rely on that upgraded sight for shooting active camp, cold blooded, or hardwired users, so I’m not sure the effectiveness of this epic weapon is as good as it looks.

That being said I honestly believe, and after looking at the perks and owning both the Rare and Legendary version, I would say either one is likely the best variant of this weapon, but I honestly would go with the Rare MCP version as on-point will bring the Xeon in line to the rest of the Assault Rifle class for Aim Down Sights time, and the hip fire accuracy trade off isn’t felt as much with the Xeon. So in this case I would suggest the MCP. Now what about some attachments to start you out with the Xeon? This one is pretty simple, first up you’re going to want a quickdraw.

I use quickdraw on all my Assault Rifles as it gives me that little extra ADS time that is needed in such a fast paced game. Keep in mind that in Infinite Warfare as well, you want to try as hard as you can to start firing your weapon as you’re aiming down sights. This will give you an advantage in the game of speed that is Infinite Warfare. The rest of the attachments really come down to preference and play style. I had been using a grip but I don’t feel that is necessary with the weapon. If you don’t want to deal with the clunky integrated sight then I would throw an ELO sight on there. Other than that the only other thing I have used on this weapon is a particle amp. That particle amp will bring this Xeon in line with the NV4. And on that note I feel that this weapon is as close as we have come to a weapon that is competitive with the NV4, but by no means replaces it. It’s a fun weapon to use and I highly suggest giving it a shot if you can get your hands on it.

Thanks for sticking around, if you liked this video I sure would appreciate a thumbs up, and don’t forget to check out the other videos on the channel while you’re here, and if you haven’t already I welcome you to subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with all the latest and greatest! I would also like to hear from you down in the comments below, what do you think of this weapon? What is your favorite variant? And if you play with this weapon often enough, what kind of class setup are you using? Until next time!.

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