Welcome to J god gaming in today’s video I want to focus on how to get better at call of duty World War 2 this will be a three video series focusing on the nine elements I think are the most important to getting better within the game and to make these elements a little bit easier to remember.

I even created an acronym specifically for this video series and the acronym is kept champs which stands for consistency awareness practice class setup ok flinching aiming movement patience and shooting first the first three I’ll be talking about our consistency awareness and practice consistency breaks down to a few elements for me what’s your confidence like when you play the game do you think you’re gonna lose every gunfight because then you probably will discipline.

Are you consistently doing the things and i’ma talk about in this video do you consistently do them on a regular basis it’s really hard to stay consistent the key is discipline so D are you never doing certain things are you rarely is it 50/50 is it almost always or is it actually always the more consistent and more discipline to get within that different elements of the game will focus on you will continue to see your improvements over time so you should make that your goal as you play to take these different elements into account and try and get everything into this green section which is always the more discipline you can get in getting all these things so always the better your performance just will be over time it has to be a conscious effort you can’t just go into the game mindlessly play year after year without trying to improve and say oh I’m not getting better.

You have to consciously make an effort in all of these areas and if you do I can guarantee you will get better at the game the next thing you want to look at is your composure do you keep it or do you flip out there’s a lot of connectivity issues right now so those will pass hopefully in time that as long as you can maintain your composure you’ll continue to do well most people when they lose their composure start to rage your performance suffers significantly and if you ever watch anyone live they start getting pissed off their performance suffers significantly so I recommend doing your best to keep that from happening consistencies down next up is awareness well before we get into that just a quick reminder remember to like and subscribe if you haven’t done so already awareness lis gonna break down to a few elements you have your visual components as well as your sound when it comes to visual it’s just about matter of being able to spot targets which in some cases can be pretty difficult that’s why you got to kind of predict where they’re gonna be in some cases.

The best tool we have is our mini-map because it can allow us to predict with enemies spawns are gonna be I did a complete video about the spawns which you could check out I do recommend checking it out I’m going to show you kind of one of the love things from that so you can kind of particular spawn these red areas the only place you’re gonna spawn a flak tower in team deathmatch so if you’re in one of these areas and you haven’t seen a teammate spawn in one of these areas the spawns haven’t flipped so you got to use your word is to wait and be patient let’s go one of the tips later on but you gotta wait and watch and see if one of your teammates spawns if your teammate has spawned in one of these areas the spawns haven’t flip.

So you just gotta wait and see did you get that awareness you’re gonna be able to make a move and make some adjustments for the last visual components that you’re gonna have is death skulls death skulls tell you a lot about where enemies are so if you’re looking around and you see a death skull pop up on your screen you kind of got a good idea that there’s enemies over there otherwise how did your teammate die right so you got to know that and then factor that into your awareness of where your enemies are now to the audio component so what I recommend for the audio component is to have at least earbuds in you’re just listening your TV speakers or monitor speakers that’s probably not good enough you’re not gonna be able to hear directionally where people are you can’t afford the high-end headphones you can use some basic earbuds headphones you get your phone or whatever the case is and those will help you out significant when you have the right audio cues you use a lot easier end point where your enemies are you can tell if they’re on the other side of a wall.

You can hear gunfire where it’s coming from it’s gonna give you clues on where your opponents are so you don’t get snuck up on and you’re able to predict more their movement well two down one to go next up is gonna be practice I’m gonna link a great video in the description as well as on the page right here exclusive base came out the great video on how to practice your aim or warm-up I’d really recommend checking out that video but one ad I want to add to that is to actually go in and play war mode war mode doesn’t affect your KD you can actually go in war mode test different weapons out and test them out with real people the bots can be a little bit rigid there kind of play like they don’t know what the hell they’re doing which isn’t always the best case to practice but if you weren’t looking to warm up that’s a good way to go so I definitely recommend checking out that video the other part of practicing is actually consciously working on some of the things I talked about in this video as well as I’m talking about in the next two videos around this topic you’re still watching the video I’d like to know your thoughts down in the comments section feel free to like and subscribe if you haven’t done so already thank you for watching as always have a great day

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