Welcome to JGOD gaming in today’s video we’ll be focusing on the spawns for capture the flag and Call of Duty World War two this video has been highly requested it took me a little time to get it together but here it is just a heads up seven out of the ten maps are completely spawn trap capable and you can totally abuse if you really wanted to with the group and just rack up the kills.

I don’t play capture the flag very often as you can see in the background I’m playing USS Texas probably one of my least favorite maps but I was able to get a good little streak together and my first match playing capture the flag you can see from the map on the screen for Aachen there’s not very much spawn differences from the previous maps but the good thing with these ones is the spawns don’t flip so if you even rush in just because the objective the way it is they’re not gonna flip the spawns so you can abuse that if you angle all your people the right way you can actually lock down areas and focus fire so that you catch people off spawn look at our dense forests you can see that there’s practically no spawns besides the normal spawn that you spawn into and then there’s just those two little spawn areas in the corners other than that.

Again this one’s completely spawn trap capable so be aware of that when you join it or Carentan you can see there’s reduced spawn locations there’s really only four locations you can spawn and they’re really on both sides of map near this original spawn area anyways with flak tower you can see that the spawns are almost identical to some of the previous videos they just have those two main spawns and then the mirrored sides of the spawn as well looking at Gibraltar you can see it has tons of potential for the spawn trap so you got to really be wary of that to make sure that those areas that need to be spawning next to you do not get locked down otherwise you’ll be in a controlled spawn and kind of get screwed.

And that brings us to the halfway point if you’re enjoying the video remember to drop a like and subscribe if you haven’t done so already here comes Gustav cannon and this is one of the ones that doesn’t have a good spawn trap potential unless you just have a super coordinated team just because the way the spawns are spread out it makes it really difficult to get people right off the spawn London Docks is one of those ones that is hard to spawn trap as well just because you have those ones right next to the water where you can spawn and that kind of throws off some of the spawn coordination but the good thing is with this one they won’t flip so you got a good idea of where your enemies are at almost all time Pointe du Hoc axe has a good amount of spawns everything’s always on the outside like I’ve mentioned previous videos so it’s really hard to manage the spawns just because there’s so many of them when you start st.

Marie du Mont this one can actually be spawned trap the right way as long as your teammates are in the right spot and then it makes it easy to just run the flag when you need to and that brings us to the map I’m currently playing on which is USS Texas as long as you stay in your spawn and push forward as a group the spawn flit will not flip it’s pretty much impossible on this map it doesn’t even flip on normal conditions let it alone capture the flag so this one you can really spawn trap your opponent and that’s the Call of Duty World War to spawn guide for capture the flag if you enjoyed the video I would like to know your thoughts down in the comment section remember to Like and subscribe if you haven’t done so already thank you for watching and as always have a great day

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