Welcome to the Commonwealth in Call of Duty World War 2. Today we will be taking a closer look at the best sniper rifle called the Commonwealth. I will show you how you can improve your weapon and I will show you the 2 best possible setups for this new sniper rifle. You will be stuck with the basic sniper rifle called the karabin when you first start playing this new addition to the call of duty series, this is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that needs 2 shots from the hip and above in order to kill your opponent. But soon you will be unlocking the commonwealth, it is a Bolt Action sniper rifle that allows you to make a one shot kill if you shoot your enemy in the torso or above.

Let’s start off with a comparison between these two weapons so that you can see what they are all about. The Karabin has a damage rating of 6 but the Commonwealth does better than that because it has a damage rating of 9. This explains the difference why one weapon needs two shots from the hip and higher to kill, while the other one only needs one shot from the torso and higher. They both have an identical range rating of 8, and the Commonwealth has better stats for accuracy, 7 vs only 6 for the karabin.

As you could have guessed, the Commonwealth isn’t going to be able to fire a lot of bullets in a short period of time, that is also why the fire rate is only 2 compared to 5 for the karabin. Every time that you spawn, you will start off with a total of 60 bullets, this number is the same for both of these sniper rifles. This number can be improved of course but more on that later. If you wish to increase these stats, then you will have to unlock some attachments. This is done by obtaining a higher weapon level, and all you have to do for that is to play with the weapon itself. It won’t take long to unlock all the attachments, it will only take you a few games. The first item that you will unlock is the 4x optic. As the name suggests it will give you a 4x enhanced zoom.

The description is a little bit misleading, because you’re not getting an enhanced zoom, actually you are getting a scope with a lower magnification compared to the standard scope. On top of that the Mountain’s sharpshooter focus does not work with this attachment. This means that you cannot hold your breath to stabilize the weapons before you take the shot. You can only do that if you stick to the standard scope. The 4x optic has an effect on the stats, and if you decide to equip this attachment then your range rating will increase by one point and your accuracy rating will also go up with one point.

The second attachment that you will unlock is the Ballistic calibration, this item is pretty straight forward because it reduces weapon sway. In other words the weapon will be more stable and it will make it easier for you to put the bullet right between your enemy’s eyes. It has a significant effect on the accuracy of the commonwealth because you can take advantage of a total improvement of 3 points. The next attachment is called Full metal jacket, it increases damage through surfaces and it allows you to cause extra damage against streaks. Your damage rating will go up with 2 points but just to be very clear, this does not mean that you can now one shot kill you opponent by shooting him in the leg.

Those stats remain the same. The fourth attachment is an extended magazine and of course it will increase your weapon’s magazine size. Instead of the usual 10 bullets, you will now get 15 bullets per mag. On top of that the total number of bullets also increased, you will now spawn with 90 bullets in total instead of only 60. The last attachment that you can unlock is rapid fire. Guess what this thing does? You initial stats for fire rate now went up from 2 to 5. In practice this means that your rate of fire goes up. If you decide to empty a full extended magazine, then it will take you exactly seconds to do that, if you then want to do the same thing but with rapid fire selected, then you only need seconds. I mean, really, that’s all we get, that’s not even a full second. If you want to maximise your weapon based on the total improvement of each attachment, then you will have to equip ballistic calibration and rapid fire.

Both of these attachments improve their respective stats with 3 points, and this gives you a total improvement of 6 points. Now we both know that rapid fire is not so rapid as we hoped it was. So we better select something else instead. The perfect attachments for the commonwealth for medium to long range engagements are the ballistic calibration and the full metal jacket.

The normal scope gives a higher magnification, so there is no need to attach the 4x optic because you will only reduce your magnification level. The ballistic calibration reduces your sway for an increased accuracy and fmj is useful for enemies who are hiding, for example other snipers. The extended mag is not necessary because you will always have time to reload. The perfect attachments for close quarter maps, when you expect to encounter short to medium range fire fights, are a 4x optic for the reduced zoom level, together with an extended mag. The reduced zoom level comes in handy so that you can easily track your opponents and you probably won’t have time to hold breath anyway so the inability to select the Mountain’s sharpshooter focus is not necessarily a bad thing. The extended magazine is there to keep your momentum going so that you don’t have to stop and reload so often in case you are dealing with multiple opponents. Use the information that you saw in this video to your advantage, and make sure that you select the perfect attachments for the right situation. By the way the youtube likes, shares and comments are very helpful to me.

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