Welcome to J God gaming in today’s video I’m be focusing on the spawn guy for gridiron and specifically for Call of Duty World War two I’ve never actually played gridiron I went in and did some testing with the bots and found out the spawns this is actually my first match ever playing gridiron I ended up going 40 and 5 just from knowing where the spawns are my team didn’t win but I wasn’t partied up or anything so it was nothing special.

But I wanted to point out how you could just utilize the spawns maximize your kill feed first map we’ll be looking at again is Aachen and you can kind of see where all the different red areas are well though the beauty of this particular objective game-mode is the spawns don’t flip since you have to take the ball to a specific area that’s always gonna be your base and that’s where most the time you’re gonna spawn the downside of that is it’s easy to set up a spawn trap if a team is coordinated enough when looking at Ardennes Forest you can see that the spawn area isn’t too large so I would recommend setting up the sprite streaks so you can just destroy those spawn areas and won’t let your opponents get out of the spawn the spawns are very limited this one again is another easy spawn trap if you have the right group coordinated on the screen now is Carentan nothing more to it you can see where the ball is.

You can see where the red areas are another good candidate for spawn trapping next up is flak tower which is going on in the background with this particular map it’s a small spawning area again there are a little bit of variances from some of the previous spawn guides but not a huge difference and you can catch people coming up to spawn pretty regularly since like again the spawns aren’t gonna flip this one if you did have a really good team coordinated you could do another spawn trap on this one as well the 5th map is Gibraltar and under brawl Terr it’s another candidate for spawn trapping I’m gonna just sound like a broken record but I’m gonna say it for every map that every map is pretty much a spawn trap potential in this particular game mode.

So it’s something to be worried uh if you’re in a party up that’s the way to go you can really control the spawns make sure they’re only coming from one area and then you can run the objective as quick as you want or just get nice low kill feeds if you are enjoying the video up to this point remember to Like and subscribe if you haven’t already for the six map its Gustav cannon really nothing much has changed with this one so business as usual you can control the spawns even though it is a pretty large map we’re looking at London Docks you can see it actually has a few extra spawns but nothing special business is usual with this one as well now that we’ve seen these maps with a bunch of times point to hawk you can see they have a similar spawning a couple of the spawns have been removed compared to some of the previous spawn guides but you can see it’s really around that outer edge so if you’re able to run through the middle you’re pretty safe if you want to get the ball.

That way especially since its kind of open there’s no spawns and everyone’s got to run kind of far to get to you for Saint Marie du Mont you can see that the spawns aren’t crazy different from what we’ve seen in the past so this one again is part of the business as usual as far as the spawns go this one’s not a great candidate for the spawn trapping unless you can just position your team the right way last up is USS Texas and with this map this one’s definitely business as usual but the spawns will not flip no matter what you do just because the way the objective is so it’s almost impossible for you to get all six of your teammates to the other side without one dying so what this one is definitely a great candidate for spawn trapping which everyone pretty much knows at this point in the background you’ll see that little nice little feed that I was talking about but besides that that’s the video for the spawn guide is specifically for gridiron if you have any additional questions or thoughts go ahead and leave those down in the comments section go to remember to rate the video with a like if you did enjoy it and dislike if you didn’t and then go ahead and subscribe if you haven’t done so already thank you for watching and as always have a great day

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