Call of Duty WW2 in 3 Minutes, sort of. Everything you need to know about the game. Warning: spoilers. The campaign starts in June, 1944 and follows soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division of the US: Red Daniels, the main guy, Zussman, Stiles, Aiello and the 2 guys in charge, Sergent Pierson and Liutenant Turner, bad cop and good cop, that tell Daniels to do everything, similar to Ramirez. They fight in the battle for Normandy, where Zussman is stabbed by a german soldier, but Daniels saves him. They start a new mission to reclain the town of Marigny, providing cover fire from a Church, until it gets taken out.

Colonel Davis orders the squad to join with British Special Officers Crowley and Vivian to stop a train carrying rockets, after engaging first stealthy and later fighting many Nazi dogs and real dogs, they manage to derail and stop it using a car, somehow. They get saved and are escorted back to the others by a French Resistance Leader, Rousseau. During the war, Daniels experiences visions and memories of his brother, Paul, that was attacked in the woods by a wolf, and Red was too scared to take the shot and help him. Rousseau and Crowley infiltrate a German garrison in Paris to take explosives and help the others capture it.

While disguised, an officer recognizez her, but she manages to kill him, avenging the deaths of her family. The squad secures the area and liberates Paris, and fireworks fill the sky. A few months later they take over a German-occupied hotel in Aachen after many battles, a very slow turning tank’s support. They find civilians in the basement, Daniels waves some chocolate in front of him like he is waiting for a dog and Turner orders them to be evacuated. A young girl, Anna and her Teddy Bear, are missing, but Daniels goes after her and takes her out to safety. The germans open fire and Anna’s sister gets shot, but Pierson sends the truck away. The platoon is ordered to take a hill. Turnet splits the squad in two gropus. Pierson and Zussman advanced towerds the hill, while Turner and Daniels cover them.

Turner’s squad finds out that Pierson, being a bit crazy, and them knowing that he got a lot of his people killed in the past, ordered an early attack on the hill against Turner’s orders, they capture it but it causes them to argue even more. The platoon is then attacked, germans also using a Tiger tank. Daniels is knocked out trying to destroy it and Turner is wonded rescuing Red. Turner orders them to abandon him while he covers their escape, he is killed and Pierson becomes the leader of the platoon, making Daniels his second in command. At the battle of the Bulge, the platoon is surrounded by Germans.

Daniels meets Howard, a technician, who helps them contact air support and defend their location with their help. They capture a few german soldiers and find out that they were ordered to destroy the last bridge of the Rhine. They ambush the transportation of the explosives, and attack a nearby base to destroy the remaining ones. The attack does not go as planned, Daniels and Zussman are surrounded by enemies. Red is saved by Howard, but Zussman is captured, Daniels tries to rescue him but fails, Pierson almost killing him for desobeying his order and Zussman is taken to a POW camp. He is interrogated on his Jewish heritage, beaten and sent to a labor camp. Daniels is taken to a hospital due to his wounds, while in there, he learns from Davis about the true events that changed Pierson, he didn’t get his men killed, he tried to save the ones that were left behind, disobeying orders in his attempt to save everyone, that ultimately got almost everyone killed.

He is offered a chance to return home as a hero, and even receive a star. He visions this life, seeing his girl, brother and future kid, but can’t take it while Zussman is still captive. Daniels confronts Pierson in his tent, tearing up his discharge papers and rejoins the squad. They manage to capture the last bridge, and the war is almost won. They head into Germany, liberating camps searching for Zussman, they get to a labor camp where the survivors were sent to a death march. While looking for Zussman in the woods, it is revealed that his brother actually died from the wounds because Red couldn’t take the shot, and everything he did in the war was dedicated to him. Daniels finds Zussman, and now is able to take the shot, saving him.

The war is over, Daniels is going back to Texas, Zussman to Chicago, and Pierson remains in the army. Daniels is reunited with his wife and son, naming him Joseph Turner in the lieutenant’s honor. He visits his brother’s grave and places his bronze star on it. And that’s the story of COD WW2, of course apart from that there is the zombies mode as well, with new characters, 2 maps and new zombies that scare the characters you play as quite often, and finally some sandals on the sand multiplayer that also has the new game mode: war.

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