Welcome to JGOD_Gaming in today’s video I’m going to focusing on domination spawns and Call of Duty World War two and you might have seen my previous video talking about the TDM or team deathmatch spawns this will be a little bit different I’ll point out the differences in each map that I noticed in the background is just some free-for-all gameplay of me choking a twenty streak so go ahead and watch that while I go through each of these different screen shots from each of the maps for domination first map I’ll be talking about is Aachen and you can see on the screen all the different red areas are the same spawns is team deathmatch the purple areas that added were ones that were added for domination and then you can see where the be flag a flag and see flag our second map is aren’t in this forest you can see they added some spawning area next to the sea flag and the a flag and they didn’t really change anything from the team deathmatch spawns.

When it comes to our third map Carentan you can see they did nothing oh please just have spawn flags but they use the same TDM spawns next up is probably one of my favorite Maps flak tower you can see they added a little bit of purple right there next to the a flag but besides that they didn’t really do anything they kept the same TDM spawns the fifth map is Gibraltar and on this one you can see they just added a little bit next to the a flag and then they allowed you to spawn into that room next to the a side that’s pretty much it for that map fixed up is Gustav cannon and right here you can see they added a little bit of the purple on the little tunnels on each side of the map other than that nothing else changes from team deathmatch next up is London docks and in London Docks you can see they added a significant amount of purple especially next to be flag so if you do capture the be flag you will get extra spawns near the be flag which is advantageous especially on this map or the 8th map Pointe du Hoc they can actually see that they removed a section in orange right there on the right where the original spawn is for team deathmatch and then they added a little bit of purple between the house and the barn and then on the other side of the bunker and buy into the a flag so that’s pretty much all the changes for Pointe du Hoc for the 9th map st.

Marie du Mont you can actually see it they added a little bit of purple next to a flag but besides that all the spawns are the exact same as team deathmatch so kind of a little bit lazy the same way flag tower was and the tenth and final map is USS Texas and on here you can see they did a little bit of purple on the a flag and well as the seat flagged added a little bit more I guess so they can get a little bit closer to the action and get people out of those spawns I’d like to know your thoughts down in the comment section below if you thought this video was at all helpful please leave a comment you did enjoy the video go ahead and click that like button and if you haven’t done so already go ahead and click Subscribe and as always thank you for watching and have a great day

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