MAN: Welcome to Call of Duty Insider, a series of tips and tricks videos to help you get an edge on the competition. A good loadout is like the perfect pair of pants; you find the right fit, and you’ll be able to roundhouse kick your enemies in the face. These are our top five loadouts for multiplayer. Sprint and Spray. The Airborne Division excels at sprinting around the map and catching enemies with their pants down. These guys keep their kills under the radar with their ability to attach a suppressor to any SMG, making that their weapon class of choice. That suppressor comes with a penalty to range. To compensate for this, look no further than the Type 100. With best-in-class range and great accuracy this gun will give you a bit more wiggle room with your suppressor equipped. You’re not going to be a sniper though. Attach Quick Draw and a grip to go from sprinting to precise firing quickly. This loadout is all about mobility. Give yourself the Hustle basic training for quick and mobile reloads. Take a machine pistol with steady aim for those close-range hip fire kills. Finally equip a concussion grenade to stun rooms of enemies and mop up with your SMG.

Tactical Insertion. If sniping is more your style, we’ve got the loadout for you. For your primary, take the M1903. This sniper rifle has the best damage in its class, so it will give you a one-shot kill pretty much anywhere but the shins. The tradeoff is that it has relatively low accuracy. But with the Mountain Division Sharpshooter Focus ability and the Ballistic Calibration attachment this shouldn’t be a problem. With the Rifleman basic training, you can equip an SMG like the VAFA 28 as your secondary weapon. You can also plant an S-mine 44 to greet anyone trying to sneak up on you. Oh hi. Bye-bye. Hold the Line. Our next loadout is for the reload averse among you. Grab the MG 42, a light machine gun with a great fire rate and damage. Its accuracy is less great, but who cares when you’ve got the Armored Division’s bipod to keep it steady.

Throw on a Reflex Sight to mitigate its low range and add an extended mag so you can keep laying down that suppressing fire for days. And like the sniper, you can plant an S-mine 44 to keep the enemies off your back. When you need to fly the coop, pull out the 1911 with the Steady Aim attachment. Lastly, equip the Ordnance basic training to rack up those score streaks faster.

Boomstick. Headshots are cool and all, but sometimes you just want to point the gun in someone’s general direction and pull the trigger. Sounds like it’s time to join the Expeditionary Force. The combat shotgun is a great all-around choice. It holds more rounds than the double-barreled shotguns and deals more damage than the semi-auto shotgun. Add Advanced Rifling to extend its short range, use Rapid Fire to nudge that rate up, and use Hustle to speed up that sluggish reload. For your secondary, take a 1911 to drill holes in those helmets that are just outside of your shotgun range. Use a smoke grenade to help you get in close. Oh. And a sticky grenade for good measure. Jack of all Trades. Finally we have our versatile loadout, an infantry soldier that’s effective at any range. His primary tool of destruction, the FG 42.

This is a full auto rifle that deals high damage. Attach a grip to get that recoil under control, Rapid Fire to bring its fire rate closer to weapons like the STG 44 and Quick Draw to get your enemies in your sights faster. And you’ll have your trusty bayonet to skewer enemies that get in your face. For your basic training equip Concussed. You’ll get two lethal grenades to blow them to smithereens and a bonus concussion grenade to keep your enemies in a daze. For your secondary, use your 1911 to clean up the mess. And that’s it for this episode of Call of Duty Insider.

Use these loadouts as your starting point and tweak them to your liking to figure out what works best for your play style. Be sure to check back often for more hints, tricks, and everything else Call of Duty World War II. Play map packs 30 days early..

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