Welcome to JGOD gaming in today’s video I wanted to focus on the spawn system and Call of Duty World War two and one of the main things I wanted to focus on is that I see a lot of people posting that they get any shot in the back so I think a lot of that has to do from just not understanding the spawns it’s not the best spawn system in the world and it’s definitely not something we’re accustomed to but based off how the spawns work they’re pretty stationary and that’s why they don’t flip very often as I go through the actual video you’ll see how all the spawns are kind of stagnant and they’re kind of split up so that they’re at the edge of the map and they never go into the middle they’re pretty much stay on the the edges that you spawn on and that’s kind of as far as it goes but there’s several ways that you can take advantage of this system as well as protect yourself from others taking advantage of the system.

Just a heads up all the steals with the red area is highlighted for this particular maps they’ll be linked in the description so if you want to save those so you know what those look like later on you can definitely do that they’ll be in the description so the first one we’ll look at is Aachen you can see that the top part has about five six areas that you can actually spawn into while the bottom area is a little bit more restricted and one of the big things that I found out from doing this process is you can literally only spawn into these areas if it’s not we highlighted in red on the screen right now you cannot spawn into that area so you’ll never spawn in the middle and you’ll never spawn on any area that’s not read which is pretty alarming that it’s that locked to one specific area here Zartan is Forest that one’s a little bit weirder you can kind of see Helen there’s one area to the north one to the bottom-left and then there’s one all the way to the left where you spawn and all the way to the right where you spawn which are accustomed to seen so pretty much if it’s not one of those areas again you’re not going to spawn there so here comes into the tips where you can take advantage of these different things so the tips in no particular order are going on longer streaks that you’re gonna be able to do that because with this information you’ll be able to stay on the defensive knowing that the spawns don’t flip pretty regularly and then the fact that you can be in their spawn and they’re gonna spawn one of these adjacent red areas you can be better prepared to know which angle they’re gonna come from so you don’t get shot in the back.

Because several times you can walk through spawn and go okay I cleared it and I’m good the spawn should be flipping but then they don’t flip so just staying on the defensive will help out a lot knowing exactly where these spawns are the other part of that is also catching your enemies off-guard so a lot of times you can catch them off-guard because they’re gonna be running out of the spawn maybe grabbing the grenade or you could be right on the edge of these spawns and kind of before my spawn crap in a way because the spawns won’t flip until enough of them maneuver and flip the spawns on their own the next tip is actually using your scorestreaks to your advantage so with the mortar strike artillery barrage the firebombing rum and the carpet bombing you can actually line up where these red areas are and then you can actually lay the path out so that they can actually get destroyed on spawn which is kind of a massive thing to do but it’s in the game the way it’s designed.

So it’s just a way to take advantage of that scorestreak that you have to maximize the kills another thing is just ability to know where to throw your grenades a lot of times if you just come off a spawn you’re gonna be in your spawn area and someone could throw a grenade there and you’re gonna get killed so you gotta be wary of that but you could take advantage of the system on the opposite end by knowing exactly where these spawns are you can aim your grenades in those areas and odds are you gonna get a free kill done it a few times and it’s a lot easier when when you get to practice in and know exactly where these red areas are hopefully you enjoy the video I’d like to know your thoughts down in the comment section if this video was that all helpful if you did like the video at all go ahead and click that like button and if you have not done so already go ahead and click Subscribe if you’re enjoying the content and like to stay updated with future content thank you for watching as always have a great day

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