Hello everybody I put together a top 10 list of everything you’re gonna need to know to be successful in Call of Duty World War 2 if this is your first time in my channel you’re not necessarily familiar with the content I make I like to make different Call of Duty content basically geared around Tips & Tricks and working out different in game mechanics to better help you the subscriber and if your subscriber watching the video welcome back so tip number one is going to be a log in daily because every day you get the opportunity to increase your multiplier up to three times whatever the login bonus is so if your login bonus is 100 you will get 300 because it’s multiplied by three all the way up to 500 multiplied by three you’re gonna end up with 1500 armory credits.

And I’ll talk about armor and credits later on tip number two if you’re also going to be logging in daily make sure you go to major Howard and the quartermaster to do your daily orders and contracts because those all stack up to more supply drops as well as more armory credits and both of these can be found in the headquarters which is a new added feature in Call of Duty World War two so for tip number three you’re going to want to make sure you adjust all your settings to your preferences normally what I prefer doing is making sure that you have the right sensitivity so you can adjust that accordingly as you play on as a beginner you usually leave a default and maybe raise it little by little or reduce it if it’s too fast for you the other setting I would remove is to remove vibration because a lot of times I can just be a distraction when you get into a gunfight you get hit at vibrates you land wrong and you have fall damage it vibrates whatever the case is I’d also reduce the volume of the music to almost none just because as you reduce that you’ll have a better situational awareness of where things are and you’ll be able to hear people better the last part when it comes to settings is to make sure that your screen you shrink it as small as you can because that’ll only affect the HUD so that you’ll be able to have a mini-map closer to the center of the screen your your all your ammo killfeed everything is gonna be a little bit tighter to the screen so you don’t have to actually pan your eyes all the way to the corner of the screen it’ll be a little bit closer to the center so that’s another added point that will help if you need a little bit more help with this tip I would recommend checking out my video on the the topic I did a whole video specifically breaking down the setup of the menu and how to set that up thank you for watching so far if you are enjoying the video at all please go and remember to click that like button subscribe if you haven’t already and turn those notifications on thank you let’s get into the next tip when it comes to a new player playing call of duty you probably for the first time or it’s been a little wild I would recommend jumping into war right away war doesn’t affect any of your stats except for score per minute and win-loss.

So your KD won’t be affected if you just die a bunch learning to experience the game the other part of playing war that’s really nice is you get a chance to experiment with different weapons level up and progress and level up those weapons so you’re able to gain more attachments before you jump into other modes like the team deathmatch domination Kill Confirmed hardpoint or whatever other mode you enjoy the other nice part about war is it forces different ranges of engagements so there’s some engagements that are gonna be really close so you could practice using your SMG pistol shotgun whatever the case is and many other engagements that are a little bit more medium to long range you can use your rifles and your sniper rifles so you can actually experiment with different loadouts and just try different things out and that’s gonna bring me to my next tip which is tip number five and tip number five is all about choosing the right division that suits you a lot of different people have different opinions on them I’ve already done a video covering why I feel the infantry division is the best division but everyone has a different play style so it might pitch you a little different some people might like the suppression of the Airborne Division or the faster movement speed so I would highly recommend experimenting with different divisions to find the one that best suits you the idea behind divisions is they’re supposed to cater to certain play styles obviously one play style is different than another and then you can kind of mix and match those with certain basic training certain weapons so you get the ideal formula that best suits you one of the added benefits of experimenting with different divisions is once they reach maximum level.

Which is the level four and level it all the way you’ll be able to prestige them and the benefit of prestiging in this specific game is that when you’re gonna go ahead and prestige you’ll get a special weapon unlock so for infantry you’re gonna get rifle for airborne you’re gonna get a submachine gun and so on throughout all the divisions so after you’ve prestige all of the divisions you should have another extra five or so weapons that you’ll be able to use in addition to the base weapons you have the other great thing about these offends as many of them are good weapons so what you’re able to do is that when you prestige your regular main account level hit level 55 and prestige you’ll still have these weapons unlocked permanently which is nice so in case you you prestige you don’t have all the weapons you’re used to this would be a great added thing for you so that when you prestige you’ll still have these permanently unlocked and the last thing I want to talk about when prestige in your division is that you will actually unlock a secret kill streak once you’ve unlocked in prestige all your divisions which is the v2 rocket it is a 25 kill streak with the gun or your lethal score streaks do not count if you’re wearing ordnance it’ll reduce that number down to 24 it’s definitely difficult to get.

So if this is your first time ever playing Call of Duty you might struggle a little bit because people who’ve even played ecology for the past 10 years still struggle to get a new-type streak so hopefully you have good luck with that and work on some fundamentals so you can make sure that you hit one of those out of the park at some point in your Call of Duty career the next thing I want to talk about and tip number six is gonna be talking about accuracy a lot of times people ask me how the heck are you able to be so accurate even though I don’t have amazing accuracy the main thing you got to remember is you have to counter any kind of recoil and I would say the majority of guns do have recoil that is controllable and that means they just go straight vertical up and down north and south however you want to talk about it and they don’t really have too much side to side or left and right or east and west movement and the benefit of that is you can just pull down on your analog stick or pull down on your mouse when you’re actually firing on computer as well and the benefit of doing this is it can be very predictable you just kind of pull down slightly and depending on how strong the recoil is you just adjust for that and many times you’re able to counter that recoil and basically counteract any kind of effects of missing shots you’ll be able to just land straight shots and hit one target so how can you improve so there’s actually a couple different ways one is to do what I’ve talked about already which is go to war and just play the game because there’s different mechanics at play when there’s a missed on versus aim assist not on so if you’re just shooting targets on the target range do not do that and think that you’re being accurate targets on the rain do not have a miss so they are not gonna function the same way a enemy opponent will.

So that’s not gonna really help your aim just shooting people on the range the other thing you can do which is a great tip that I’ve seen several times from exclusive ace which is another great youtuber if you haven’t heard of him go check him out he’s amazing as well and what he does is he recommends going in playing with bots go free-for-all put I don’t know 1012 bots on and put them all our crew bots and see how many kills you can get in one magazine or one clip of your weapon and what you’ll do and what you’ll notice is that when you focus more on accuracy you can actually line up the shots get some crisp kills the only downside of this is since it’s not through the internet connection the the everything feels so crisp and it almost feels like you’re on a different game when you throw in the internet connection of multiplayer that’s why I say war is another great way to go because you’re gonna have those different ranges and you’re gonna be able to experiment on making sure that you’re lining up your shot and you can focus on that and treat is drill a warm up game you should be good to go and focus on that accuracy the other thing it goes back to the settings I talked about make sure your sensitivity is not too high if you’re missing shots because you want to be able to turn around and do a 360 quickscope joint phase whatever that’s probably not that’s the play style you want to adopt lower your sensitivity keep in mind that most Pro players to keep their sensitivity between 4 & 6 and I would say most are at 5 on average if you had to look around the different Pro players and not that any of us are pro players.

And if you are that’s more power to you but if you’re not a pro player you shouldn’t be acting like you have this amazing sensitivity that that’s not really gonna help you just make it easier to land shots and you know get more kills so tip number 7 is gonna be all about the Supply Drop system and the Supply Drop system I’ve done several videos on it it’s designed for you to get duplicates in the long run and the more you play the more duplicates you will get because you’re getting more of the different collections the main reason you even want supply drops is because maybe you want certain versions of weapons that look a little bit prettier and that’s basically all it is it’s different aesthetics some of them have a little different metal iron sights so they look slightly different more open more clothes there’s different variations on the different weapons but main advantage is maybe you want a particular outfit for your division maybe you want a certain camo as far as what your your division player looks like or calling card or emblem or whatever there’s different features that you want maybe you’ll want pistol grips I don’t know there’s like 200 pistol grips in the game but at the end of the day the main focus for supply drops and keep that in mind you’ll be have way more happiness with your supply drops is that you either get those heroic items which is amazing you’ll be happy with those or you get duplicates the key you really want tons of duplicates because they’re gonna help increase your Armory credits and I’m gonna talk about Armory credits right now but I just really wanted to focus on getting as many supply drops as you can.

Don’t pay for them don’t spend that money save your bribes until you really have to use them at the last minute but supply drops earn as many as you can through orders and contracts like I mentioned earlier on and that’s gonna bring me to tip number eight which again is Armory credits and why Armory credits so important we just had this biggest issue that we had and Call of Duty World War two so far for a weapon being locked behind a paywall for a majority of an event and if you’ve been playing the game already you already know what I’m talking about and that’s the bulk stream Gewehr and the book stream guevara was released about three days into the event in an order special order for the week and if you picked it up you played 30 or 40 games 50 games whatever it was then you unlock the weapon automatically.

You don’t have to worry about supply drops you don’t have to worry about using Armory credits nothing it was already unlocked by default you would already have it then they proceeded to go over 30 days and they didn’t release anything but garbage weekly drops daily drops whatever the case was nothing geared towards that weapon that weapon right now is is on the sly borderline could be overpowered they might adjust it it might tweak it but at the end of the day it was a very powerful weapon that was introduced to the game and it was cut off by a majority of the population that play the game that did not play on that one specific day why I bring it up with armory credits because if you had 20 or 30,000 Armory credits you would have just been able to go to the collection purchase every item from the collection and then be able to get the weapon and you know that’s really what it comes down to that’s what our Murray credits are for.

Be happy by your duplicates because you’re gonna get those Armory credits and you’ll be able to purchase whatever new DLC weapon that comes out the day comes out we’re getting towards the end of the video last two tips for you if you can go ahead and make sure you click that like button subscribe if you haven’t already with them notifications on really helped me to push out the content and allow us to get connected with you guys right away follow me on Twitter if you haven’t already let’s get into it tip number nine is going to be to use an experiment with different weapons I know I mentioned this a little bit with your levelling up process but what I did want to focus it on is use the meta obviously use the meta because the meta is the weapons that are better than the average weapons so for example if I went class-by-class off the top of my head I would say the ppsh is probably the best SMG maybe the type 100.

If you’re gonna do the medium the long range grease guns good and the mp40 is pretty nice after you prestige the Airborne Division but I would definitely avoid the wofe you’re a newer player to Call of Duty the recoil is just insane Thompson recoil is pretty pretty crazy but as you get better that’s definitely one I would try out as far as the infantry weapons as far as rifles go I would avoid all the semi autos if you’re new to call a duty and then start up by using probably the bar or the stg44 because those are some of the basic guns that are really good right from the get-go I know those are like level 35 and 42 or something like that to unlock from the beginning so I would definitely use your prestige token on one of those if they’re your favorite as you experiment through the levels Farah shotguns go I would say stay away from everything except for the combat shotgun is the most powerful shotgun in the game it’s not even close everyone can argue but at the end of the day unless you’re playing hardcore the combat shotgun is the most consistent most reliable shotgun there is in the game as far as the sniper rifles go and prestige your division of the mountain division we get the car 98 it’s the best one it’s not even close Carbon is good in hardcore just because you have that rapid-fire semi-auto action.

But you do need two shots to kill with that one or a headshot in core so I would recommend sticking with the car ninety eight bars LMGs go the Lewis is ungodly good ungodly good so stick with the lowest out of all of them that one’s probably the best one 3 shot kill at all ranges Bren is pretty nice and now that they just got a recent buff but at the end of the day two shots to kill if you miss the fight rate of fire are so slow that you can actually get melted in between the two bullet bursts the other two LMGs are pretty nice just not quite as good as the Loess and that brings me to tip number 10 and probably the most important if out of everything I’ve told you so far and tip number 10 is work on actually getting better there’s so many elements to the game that have changed switching from advanced movement to boots on the ground or even if you were in boots on the ground and now you’re coming back after a long layoff a lot has changed people more accurate people are more focused people have better ideas on how to play map awareness is huge especially in this game with the spawn so rigid I’ve grown so many subscribers from the spawn guides.

I’ve put out that I know that that’s a need in the community that people just have struggle with with understanding the spawns and map awareness and positioning there’s so much to learn and practice and call duty besides just gun skill I know by far I do not have the best gun skill if I’m just walking down a corridor and its head to head there’s plenty of people who outgunned me but the best part is when you play smarter not harder you will actually improve your gameplay and significantly and obviously gun skill will come as as time progresses and you’ll get more accurate over time there’s certain limitations to reaction time based off age typically as you age your reaction time slows so hopefully you are improving from this video all together this was a beginner’s guide to call a duty world war 2 top 10 tips thank you for watching as always have a great day

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