The studios and publisher behind Call of Duty World War II made a bit of splash recently by announcing the game’s first downloadable content expansion, days before the core game was even released. The announcement also revealed the franchise is going to visit a location already familiar to most Battlefield 1 fans. In the teaser, a red cross appears at the exact location of the Heligoland archipelago. Three months ago, Battlefield developers revealed concept art showcasing the Battle of Heligoland Bight in 1914, and it now appears Call of Duty will be heading to the location as well, albeit during the second world war. So, it appears Heligoland will be a point of contention yet again, though this time between developers, instead of warring nations. Interestingly, both Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty World War II will even launch their maps during the same month. Call of Duty’s Resistance DLC arrives January 30th, while Heligoland Bight for Battlefield 1 launches sometime in January with the game’s monthly update and the second half of the Turning Tides expansion.

It will be interesting to see how the two maps compare to one another. Developers have a wealth of historical material to use for inspiration: In World War I, the location was the site of an intense naval confrontation, which included several coastal artillery positions. In World War II, the islands were also home to submarine pens and a network of underground bunkers. Two residents turned Resistance, Georg Braun and Erich Friedrichs, attempted to save the island from destruction by negotiating its capture with the British. Unfortunately they were betrayed and executed, and Heligoland was bombed to the point it was uninhabitable in April 1945. Personally, I’m surprised both developers wound up creating content around the same location. The actions at Heligoland are a bit more isolated than other battles of the respective eras. In terms of impact, the action during World War I had a more profound effect on military operations, with the German Kaiser severely restricting the freedom of the German Navy in the months that followed.

Regardless, come January, we’ll see who did Heligoland best. What are your thoughts on the titans of First Person Shooters featuring the same location? Which era of Heligoland are you looking forward to seeing first? Tell me in the comments..

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