Welcome to JGOD_Gaming in today’s video I wanted to focus on the longshot metal in Call of Duty World War 2 and how to get these on a consistent basis on every single map I’ve seen a few videos about the longshot metal and I want to kind of debunk some of these myths that are out there and confirm some of the best ways to actually get these longshot medals in one video I saw the guy actually said don’t use advanced rifling because it will actually increase the range you need to kill someone at to get a long shot metal and that is false in this first clip I’m using the m1941 which without any attachments other than a reticle or a sight so that I can actually just aim down and get a good shot you can see right here this range I get a long shot metal.

I do the same thing but just a little bit closer to establish that the long shot metal occurs right around this 40 meter mark so right now when I get the kill right around the 38 38 ish meters I don’t get a long shot metal right here I switch to advanced rifling and stood in the same spot I got that first long shot metal and you’ll see in the killcam that it does have advanced rifle I go on to do the same test with the FG 42 and the m1 grand just to see that each weapon has this same profile that a long shot occurs right around 40 meter that was the FG 42 and this clip coming up right now is the m1 grand so regardless of which rifle you’re using you will get a long shot at approximately 40 meters as you can see in the screen so why do long shots even matter so in this game as many others in the past you need long shot metals to actually accomplish your goal completing the camos in this particular game you need 10 long shot metals to unlock one of the camos to you.

I eventually get the gold camo now that all the testing parts out of the way I’m gonna actually show you specifically on each map where and how to get these long shot medals one thing I did want to explain about these individual Maps is I only have about 2 3 4 even 5 in some cases vantage points but keep in mind that these vantage points can be seen from either side so if you’re standing on the opposite side you can get a long shot from that side as well I just didn’t want overly complicated and Club Maps if you’re still watching the video remember to like and subscribe if you haven’t done so already first map we’ll be looking at is Akeno we’ll be starting off the top side of the map so you can see from that window vantage point that a lot of people like to hang in long as someone is near that tank towards the left you’re gonna be able to get that long shot metal works like I said the opposite way and from the train cars on both sides they have to be approximately 60% away from you compared to the next trolley cart.

So you can kind of see in the middle where that vantage point leads you from the lower side it kind of lines up with that doorway so as long as they’re beyond that doorway to the library you should be able to get that long shot next up is art is forest and on this one you can see there’s approximately three vantage points and so with the doubling of that you have about six there are some that are better than others but each of these you can get a long shot metal for example the one on the right getting people right off the spawn on the top getting people right off to spawn and the bottom left is getting people right off the spawn so those are the ideal vantage points but if you’re coming off spawn you can also get people in those areas as well next up is black tower and on black tower you can see that from these middle windows you got good vantage points these rooms are a little bit trickier just because the angles they have to be in the perfect spot or else you’re not be able to get that long shot metal the same as the one at the top right that one is really only gonna work if they come straight across and head left I’m off of their spawn from the angle of the map so odds are these ones are probably the hardest ones to get.

But ideally the best spots can be those middle windows as people come around and try to pass on that left side of the map next map is Gibraltar and on Gibraltar there are few one is the probably the common one that a lot of people thought up is just that window in that cave area on the bottom side but that works from the opposite window as well but you can see is is they’re lined up on that head glitch they should be able to be killed and get that long shot metal right there from that window it’s the same thing on the opposite end as long as they are beyond that little silo thingy you should be able to get that long shot the middle one on the right you can actually get them coming off a spawn if you’re back to the the wall and then up the top if you’re up top in the building you should be able to get the angle of the bridge and vice versa if you’re standing by the tank by the bridge you should be able to hit the person back there and get that longshot medal as well next up is Gustav cannon prior to getting started I would figure this one is probably the most likely to get those long shot medals and it is the case so just from that one vantage point I could have done probably dozens of Anna’s points but you can see that one vantage point on top of the actual cannon you can actually get people off of that hit glitch at the top people that run across towards the left and then your angle all the way on the bottom left so those are those from that just that one vantage point so you can use that same idea for each of the corners of the cannon and get those same angles as far as this window on the right you can see is if they’re at that building or in the middle of that building or further they’re gonna be able to get that long shot medal you can hit people off the cannon and get that long shot medal as well next up is London Docks.

And on London Docks it’s probably one of the harder ones just because there’s really only one spot I was able to find a few others but pretty much they were unrealistic people wouldn’t be standing in that location and you stand him the opposite so it’s not realistic so for this bun you can be in the middle and shoot the top of the map at the bottom and then if you’re in the bottom of the map you can actually shoot across this alleyway and by first point top so that’s pretty much it for London Docks next map is Pointe du Hoc and I’m point to hoc there’s really only this middle vantage point shooting from bunker to bunker and there is one if you do that right side where you can see that own shooting into the other bunker as long as you put your back against that wall you can actually shoot someone when they’re in that doorway or further back you will get a long shot metal on Saint Marie du Mont you can actually see there’s a few different vantage points you can get someone coming up to spawn if you’re standing next to the building and shooting towards that spawn on the bottom if you’re in the windows on either side in that middle area you can either shoot bro across an ability you can see kind of the angle and the actual distance that you need to cover to get that longshot metal also if you post yourself up in the corner on the right towards that top side you can see if someone’s coming out through that doorway you can actually get a longshot metal as long as they don’t cross up on that doorway so that’s pretty much straight forward not too many on this one but you can see these things kind of double on each side and the final map is USS Texas on USS Texas it’s pretty interesting.

Because if you’re in those middle windows you can actually shoot across to people camping where people typically camp and you can get long shots there and then also from the top sides of the edges of the ship either at the top side you see where the blue one is or that bottom one at the green both of these are great angles for getting those long shots as well I’m the one on the bottom you can actually own the opposite side as well so it’s just really a matter about positioning yourself but plenty of long shot metal opportunities on this one especially if you post up in the right position that’s all the maps for the long shot metals so if you did enjoy the video anyway remember to click that like button and subscribe if you haven’t already also if you have an idea for future videos please leave a comment I’d like to know your thoughts down in the comment section below I’d like to say thank you to all my recent subscribers for their recent support if you want to help me out even a little bit further to help me grow my channel and keep this content coming go ahead and make sure you share your favorite videos of mine I wouldn’t say share them all just share whatever your favorites are because I’m sure if you like them other people will too thanks for watching as always have a great day

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