Oh welcome jgod_gaming in today’s video I’ll be focusing on the map Arden forest in Call of Duty World War two specifically looking at the spawns and how to play team deathmatch and then there’s also a little bit advice on how to use certain streaks I know certain streaks that most people just don’t like but there are some streaks that you can take advantage of how the spawns work and just maximize overall kills looking at the screen you can see the different spawns on this specific map you can see there’s a one at the top the bottom left and then on each end of the map.

I’m going to be using the PPSh using infantry three attachments are going to be extended mags rifled barrel and then rapid fire and then I’m gonna be using ordnance with the three streaks being a recon plane a artillery barrage and the paratroopers so considering the fact that this map has pretty isolated spawn you’re pretty sure where the enemies are gonna be coming from and it allows you to maximize those streaks which you’ll see as soon as I get enough kills to actually get the streaks in this particular map so I’m running around I’m running on this side they should be coming around here because teammates haven’t actually flooded through the spawn so they should be coming through but you can see there are some teammates starting to run through there so the spawns are looking like they’re already flipped rather quickly you just from the straight run across the map so now I’m coming back over here to the middle since they should be spawning on the original spawn where we spawn from.

Just kind of maneuvering around trying to rack up some kills so I can actually demonstrate the streak so going to through again I’m doing this with bots because the whole point is just to demonstrate the principles of the spawn guide as well as the specific scorestreaks that I’m looking to demonstrate so now that I got the UAV I know that the spawns where they’re at pretty much is rushing to this edge so I can get some kills rack up enough kills to actually get my actual overall streets a lot of times the streaks chain together I’m using the Ordnance basic training just so I get the streaks a little bit faster in-game with the specific gun so the PPSh is very powerful you don’t really need that many attachments and right now you could just see I dropped my artillery barrage got multiple kills because they can always spawn in one location.

Now they’re gonna be spawning topside because the bottom spawns block I put the artillery barrage in the main spawn got a couple kills coming off a spawn and then now they’re all spawning at the top side it’s all my teammates are to the right and the main spawn so pretty much I know where they’re at they’re gonna be coming around this side it looks like the spawns are gonna be coming on this side now now that my team who died and then the great part with paratroopers you can drop them right in the spawn and they won’t cause a spawn to flip for whatever reason the game doesn’t recognize them so a lot of times that’s why if you drop paratroopers on their side of the map avoid that area so that they can continue to spawn there and continue to get spawn traps essentially by your paratroopers so a lot of times the best way to maximize your paratroopers is to drop them in the opposing spawn without flipping that spawn a lot of times if you flip that spawn then it kind of sucks because then your paratroopers on the ops map with their actual spawning.

No I don’t know how many kills like I have two paratroopers I’m in the entire match I would guess it’s close to gee 25 by the time the entire match was over just because obviously the bot slew easier just get the kills racked up the lower score streak though they were going off so again you see I dropped my artillery barrage in this corner and then I’m trying to position myself in a way that will make it so that they will continue to spawn out of that corner so you can see I keep racking up the kill zeroing in because they don’t really have a choice of where to spawn there is a little bit of spawn protection but when you gather all the different protections it makes no match for artillery barrage well-placed and the actual paratroopers giving them off a spawn so as long as the spawns I’ll continue to flip the paratroopers will have a lot of power in that position and you can see look looks like they’re starting to flip now because the teammates rushed a little too far into the the main spawn on the left so now I’m rushing all the way to the other side trying to call in another set of paratrooper.

Just to kind of demonstrate that but continually going off and getting these streaks so if you haven’t really gotten these higher streaks it is a lot easier when you do get you know able to chain the kills together another low score streak that is good to chain together is actually the airplane that flies over you can shoot with that or the glide bomb combining those since they’re only like 50 to 100 kills apart you almost always get them and then typically with the glide bomb you’re at least able to get one kill sometimes two or three depending on how they stack up together and then with the fly over you can usually get two or three depending on the positioning and the angle you take so a lot of times if you keep in mind where the spawns are when you’re calling in these streaks you have a more effective use of your actual streaks and actually make sure you’re getting kills versus flying over where you know they’re there probably might be.

But more than likely people are coming out of spawn because people are continually dying throughout the entire match so that’s kind of how the process goes you just continue to rack up the streaks and position things where you know enemies are gonna be sitting and you can see I’m running around looking for people and the paratrooper is just putting in work so it’s pretty effective method just to kind of take out the spawn areas especially since the spawns are so limited it works pretty much on any map that has a little bit smaller spawns like flak Tower only has sided spawns so what I mean is the top half and the bottom half or so this has like four points that are almost like making a square if you turned it sideways or whatever the cases with black tower you could actually drop down the paratroopers in their spawn make sure you don’t cross that spawn and they’ll be able to take them off spawn and get easy kills so hopefully enjoyed the video let me know what your thoughts are of the video if you did like anyway thought it was helpful that that was impactful anyway let me know I’m look thinking of doing that either a zombie series a gun guide series or maybe even domination or hardpoint series let me know in the comments section what your thoughts are and I can go ahead and coorporate that in my gameplay thank you for watching as always have a great day.

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