Welcome to JGod_gaming in today’s video I’ll be focusing on how to play Carentan team deathmatch in Call of Duty World War two what I have up on the screen is the actual spawns for the sexual map in TDM so in the actual background I’m playing with bots again just to demonstrate how the spawns work how they flip and overall my favorite spots on the map I’ll be messing around a little bit with the sniper I will attest that I am NOT a sniper by any means so just kind of playing around messing around so you can kind of just see how the spawns work and then what are some of the best positions to catch people off of spawn so pretty much for the opening rush depending on what side you’re on and the actual map is kind of imbalanced.

I think you’re just in general just because of the way the actual buildings position themselves in the middle you can actually catch people coming off a spawn a little bit worse on the right side of the map in the left side because at least there’s a little bit of cover on the left side but pretty much when you run over here to this center area you primarily want to get in the buildings because of the buildings you’re gonna have a little bit more cover you can position yourself in a way that and you can actually just hit people coming off the spawn so that you don’t actually have to really worry or work for your kill looking from the middle buildings to the left side of the map where the spawns are there’s approximately five or six windows that you can actually look out up and actually catch people coming off a spawn so a lot of times if you’re in a group this makes it a lot easier especially if you don’t push those spawns they won’t flip because the distance is kind of far so pretty much as long as you’re positioning the windows you’re gonna be able to catch people coming off the spawn.

So you’ll see me come around I’ll look through this window peek that spawn this isn’t the best angle but there are different angles so it just depends on which way you’re gonna go so I stay in this building for a pretty good amount of time just because I know that the enemy can come in this direction that I’m looking I probably should have set up my UAV the right way so that I could just spam UAVs but it is what it is so now I’m repositioning because I feel like the spawns might be flipping it’s kind of hard to tell but it’s not the case because my teammates are still spawning and the original spawn so I come around through the middle triumph position to the other building since this building’s windows actually have a little bit better vantage so I take out a few different enemies try and force flip the spawns a little bit pick up another weapon so I can have a little bit better shooting within the matches just so that you know it’s not just the sniper but I go up again like I said up into the window just so I can actually peek there’s actually this window right here is probably a really good one just because they can come right out that middle section if you actually had people on these other two windows you can actually catch people coming around that side.

If you have someone on the other end where the turret gun is you can actually get another vantage point so you’ll see that as I reposition a little bit later in the match so still just kind of floating around the this isn’t a fast-paced map by any means just because positioning why is this game in general you’re supposed to play slower if you actually want to go on lengthy streaks consistently I’ll see people that can run around and have super fast reflexes and all that stuff but that’s not the norm so here you can see I kind of bounced to the other side get a different vantage point this one is a little bit better vantage point especially when you get into this spot and then the window not this window but the other one that I’m going to go look at in just a little bit I have a better vantage point from that side so it just really depends on what you like to do for the most part if you hold down the windows you’re gonna do really well because you get a see people coming off of spawn they can’t really get to you unless they sneak up from a side so it’s really a matter of positioning so this entire time the spawns have not flipped I haven’t had a lot of teammates run in that direction.

But I’m just kind of holding down this window you can actually get view to the mid spawn and then also that corner spawn as far as walking out into those general areas and since you’re in a window a lot of times the distance is really hard for the enemy team to see that you’re actually there unless they are you looking there or have lookout on which a lot of people aren’t running looked out so it’s just one of those things looking at the mini-map you can see that there’s a lot of my teammates in that left spawn so the spawns are probably in position where they’re gonna flip so now you can see the red dots on the original spawn that I spawned on right now it’s just about repositioning on that side so you can see the spawns did flip I died and then now I’m over here in the left spawn so now I got to push the building and push that middle building again where I initially started my first set of kills and pretty much just moving around the map.

I know they’re gonna be coming from that right side they’re very limited on where they can spawn as you can see it’s really a small area so it’s just a really about positioning myself in a way that I can take people off spawn either through this doorway or the actual two windows upstairs are good spots it just depends on how you position yourself and play the actual map I just died again but you can see the spawns are still on the left side they haven’t really moved I have a few teammates in the area so they’re not really forcing the spawns to flip on the opposite side and pretty much just kind of maneuvering back to the middle of the map since the buildings are pretty much the more secure of the spaces so I’ll come around the left side kind of peek it this is a long basically road that you can look down but for the most part the buildings are a better way to go and pretty much that’s it for the this particular map I hope you enjoyed it I like to know your thoughts in the comment section below if you did find it helpful anyway go ahead and leave a comment I think I only have about two more maps left to do in this series and then I’ll probably move on to use a domination or hardpoint let me know down in the comments section what you think you did enjoy the video in any way go ahead and click that like button and subscribe if you haven’t already thank you for watching and as always have a great day

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